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Community College vs. University: Pros and Cons

Choosing a school for higher learning involves more than picking which university to attend. In fact, when you understand the difference between community college and university, you may find you want to choose community college to save money and have better flexibility. When comparing two-year vs. four-year college, always examine both the pros and cons […]

College Credit for High School Work

Are you getting credit for what you achieved in high school? You may have thought that only AP courses would give you college credit, but there are other classes you could be eligible to receive credit for. High schools and Colleges have documented agreements that identify the classes that are eligible called Articulation Agreements. You […]

Using Training Opportunity Program / Section 30 Benefits

With the Training Opportunity Program (TOP), also known as Section 30, unemployment insurance claimants can collect benefits while they are enrolled in an approved, full-time training. Under the TOP/Section 30 program, the Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) waives the requirement to seek employment while attending training, allowing you to develop marketable skills that lead to […]

Reasons to Attend a Community College vs. University

The choice of what to do after finishing high school or when going back to college can feel daunting. Many people can benefit in several ways by attending a community college. These local colleges offer professional certificates and basic courses that you can use to replace the first two years of university credits. If the […]

Food for Thought Food Pantry Addresses Student Food Insecurity

In 2012, student Brian Sanderson noticed something out of the ordinary, his peers weren’t doing their homework. He remembered what the president of the college at the time, Dan Asquino, had said during orientation “look to the left of you and the right of you, a lot of you may not be here next semester.” […]