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College 101

How to Finish College Faster? Stay Motivated & Get Support!

We can probably assume that you don’t want to be in college forever. You want to be out in the workforce, using your degree and changing the world! Here are a few pitfalls to avoid and tips to staying on track! Avoid the “Summer Melt” You may have heard college admissions professionals talk about “summer […]

Decision Day 2021 – Where will you be this Fall?

May 1st is considered a big day for college decisions. Many schools use May 1st as their early decision deadline. After months (maybe even years) of researching schools, preparing for college applications, and anticipating, the day has finally come to make a decision and share your excitement about your college plans! Over the past year, […]

Community College Myths

Community college is a common path for people seeking higher education. In fact, around 8 million students were enrolled in a public two-year school for the 2018-2019 school year. Community colleges provide students impressive educations and are a great resource for people in a variety of situations. Community colleges can be associated with certain myths […]

What’s the difference between the Computer Information Systems and Computer Science Degrees?

Computer Information Systems (CIS) vs. Computer Science (CS) Which Degree is Right for You? You may find yourself comparing Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Computer Science (CS) and wondering which one is right for you. While the two degrees overlap somewhat, there are some major differences between Computer Information Systems and Computer Science. Below we […]

Dual Enrollment at MWCC

What is Dual Enrollment? Whether in high school or home school, dual enrollment allows high school students to earn credit for both their high school diploma and college degree simultaneously.  Dual enrollment offers students a real-life preview of what college courses are like, with integrated supports. It also offers students the opportunity to choose from a wider variety of classes […]