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Beyond Critique: Director of Assessments Amanda Henrichs’ Mission to Cultivate Joyful Learning

Amanda Henrichs has been the Director of Assessments at the Mount for about 2 years and uses they/them pronouns. Originally from Oregon, Henrichs reflected on how different their life was in the Beaver State, mentioning that they were “milking goats and making porridge.” They explained the geographical distinctions between Oregon and Massachusetts, noting that Oregon […]

Gateway Student Arlo Caisse Talks ‘Opportunity’ and Community at the Mount

Arlo Caisse has been one of Mount Wachusett Community College’s many dual enrollment students since they started the Gateway to College program in the fall of 2022, when they were just 16 years old. “I was homeschooled my whole life up until I started here at MWCC as a Gateway student,” said Caisse. Both Caisse […]

Liberal Arts Majors Pack a Punch: Fighting off Major Stigma

MWCC Student Shares Opinion on why Liberal Arts Majors Deserve More Credit For many years, our society has been under the impression that Liberal Arts majors are for those who don’t comprehend the weight of education and are ignorantly going to school for a degree they will never use; therefore, between the backhanded comments and […]

Student Profile: Eoin Haggerty

Not Just Another Student, but a Future Storyboard Creator When he was a boy, Eoin Haggerty dreamed of being a firefighter–now, he is twenty-one years old, with one year left at Mount Wachusett and with a dream of becoming a storyboard creator. When asked why he changed his life goal, he said it was his […]

Is the National Society of Leadership and Success Right for You?

MWCC Students Share the Advantages and Disadvantages of the NSLS Program Some may have heard that the National Society of Leadership and Success—Sigma Alpha Pi (NSLS), can help students achieve personal growth, empowerment, and career success, but is joining this society worth it? According to the email invitation, those who join “will gain access to […]