Past East Wing Gallery Exhibits & Lectures

Visit the following pages to see which artists we have featured throughout the years in our gallery.

2019 – 2020 Exhibits included works by Priya Nadkarni Green, Nancy Sepe, Graphic Novel & Children’s Book Illustrations from the R Michelson Gallery, Karen Evans, and Maryanne Benns.

2018 – 2019  Exhibits included works by Robert G. Osborne, Kevin Oxford, Keith Hollingworth, Matthew Evald Johnson, and Steamroller Prints from the Chair City Community Workshop.

2017 – 2018  Exhibits included works by Julia Morgan, Joan Hathaway, Taylor French Benoit, Artists from Salmon Falls Gallery, Deborra Stewart-Pettengill, and Bob Green.

2016 – 2017  Exhibits included works by John Pacheco, Tracie Pouliot, Jesse Connor, Isabella Bourque Dixson, Mark Burnett, and Maggie Nowinski.