Eligibility for Services

Who is eligible for services?

Any student who meets the admission requirements of Mount Wachusett Community College and is enrolled in credit-bearing courses is eligible for services.  To begin services, a student must voluntarily disclose a disability and provide professional documentation.

Students who are impacted by learning, emotional, physical and/or medical conditions that challenge their learning should contact Disability Support Services to initiate the process.

What to bring to the meeting?

Students with a documented diagnosis should submit the most recent Evaluation Report (no older than 3 years) from a qualified professional for example:

  • Psychological
  • Psychiatric
  • Neurological
  • Speech & language
  • Audiogram and interpretation
  • Certificate of blindness

In addition, medical documentation from a qualified health care specialist is accepted on professional letterhead. Disability Documentation Request Letter 2023 This documentation should include:

  • Diagnosis and basis to determine the disability
  • Treatment
  • Impact on physical and/or intellectual abilities
  • Recommendations or necessary accommodations

For students who do not have a diagnosis or recent evaluation, the following link is a list of testing providers in the area. Note: When contacting the provider please make sure they accept your health insurance as educational testing can be costly.

Testing Providers List

At the initial meeting with the Coordinator of Disability Support Services, it is expected that the student will discuss their concerns in regards to the academic challenges that might impact their college experience.

Contact Disability Services

Ann Reynolds, B.S.
Academic Disability Counselor
Room H121 (Gardner campus)