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Certified medical assistants are an integral part of a healthcare team. Prepare for a fulfilling career helping people at MWCC. Earn certification from the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), the highest standard of education in medical assisting.

Benefits of an Associate Degree in Medical Assisting
In North Central Mass., medical assistants earn as much as $49,540 per year*. Your Medical Assisting degree will prepare you to perform both clinical and administrative tasks, from scheduling and billing in the office to assessing vital signs and administering immunizations.

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When you enroll in the MWCC Medical Assisting program, you will be setting yourself on a path to a rewarding career helping people while working in the heart of the healthcare office.

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Medical Assisting at the Mount

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Mount Wachusett Community College’s Medical Assisting certificate and associate degrees program prepare students for a fast-paced, rewarding career in the medical industry. Our students become an integral part of a healthcare team trained to work in outpatient settings while supporting the internal operations of the office.

Degree Options for Medical Assisting
Career Options for Medical Assistants

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MWCC is the right place to pursue a medical assistant certificate or associate degree. We provide quality education at an affordable price. Our professors care about each student and offer them extra help and guidance when they need it. Our small class sizes encourage students to ask questions and make getting assistance more accessible. Each student enjoys free career planning and personalized academic planning.

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MWCC Nursing Student Elizabeth Brown Elizabeth Brown

"I’ve always been caring so I thought majoring in nursing would be a great idea. I just love taking care of people and the medical field as well – anything illnesses or medicine has always been interesting."

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Jessica Decker

Mount Wachusett became my answer to the question ‘what if’? What if I have a support system so amazing that I begin to accomplish things I had previously only dreamed of? Mount Wachusett is that inner voice you hear ever so slightly in your ear at the times you need it most say, “you can do this."

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Kaleigh Peterson Kaleigh Peterson

"MWCC allowed me to blossom, and see myself as the intelligent and capable woman I am. It alleviated my fears of higher ed and provided me with the chance I needed to change my life."

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Gemini Walter Sitting Outside at the MWCC Campus Gemini Walter

"I grew up below poverty level and school, education just wasn’t a priority. I dropped out of high school. I had no real formal education, or goals, or ambitions to even go to school. That’s why I came back as a non-traditional student later on in life – to try to put the pieces of my life back together."

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