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Paula Morgan

Meet Paula Morgan

Liberal Arts and Sciences
Class of 2024
Mount Wachusett Community College pushed me out of my comfort zone or, should I say, gently nudged me with their guidance and assistance in completing my first degree at the age of 61. I am not your typical undergraduate. I am not the typical age, not the typical student, and I certainly did not take the typical amount of time to complete this degree.
Nikki Ramos and son

Meet Nikki Ramos

Legal Studies & Paralegal Certificate
Class of 2024
I can tell you right now, I would not be as good of a student as I am if I did not have disabilities services supporting me. I was always a good student, but they have really helped me to excel, and I have managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA the entire time I have been at MWCC Read Full Testimonial
Picture of Mercy Aryee

Meet Mercy Aryee

Computer Science
Class of 2024
My favorite part is that you are able to have many resources at your fingertips, you can just send an email, or walk to any of the offices and everyone is willing to help. Read Full Testimonial
Crys Secino and Daughter Class of 24 profile

Meet Crys Secino

Independent Studies, Allied Health
Class of 2024
When becoming a part of the Visions program, I received services I did not yet know I needed. The faculty helped me identify my learning challenges and how to compensate for them. Each tutor I have worked with supported me in the ways that I learn best and provided me with tools for success. Read Full Testimonial
Commencement Speaker Anna Lago

Meet Anna Lago

Class of 2023
Being part of MWCC has brought us many lessons, not only in our lives as students but also in our personal lives. At MWCC, we learned how to ignore our limits, believe in our power, take and manage our time, and follow our path. We also learned that we are free to write our own stories. Read Full Testimonial
Rosemary Ireni Graduate Profile

Meet Rosemary Ireni

Class of 2022
I can’t thank the MWCC Nursing Department enough, especially all my lecture and clinical instructors. I would like to specifically thank my Medical-Surgical clinical instructor, Cindy Adams, who exemplified the greatest virtues of a consummate nurse. Read Full Testimonial
Adam Gelinas

Meet Adam Gelinas

Computer Information Systems
Class of 2003
"At MWCC I learned all the fundamentals required to succeed in the field of software engineering. The CIS curriculum gives students a broad and solid foundation on which to build." Adam went on to earn his BS in CIS at Fitchburg State University in 2006.
Gemini Walter Sitting Outside at the MWCC Campus

Meet Gemini Walter

Human Services
Class of 2017
"I grew up below poverty level and school, education just wasn’t a priority. I dropped out of high school. I had no real formal education, or goals, or ambitions to even go to school. That’s why I came back as a non-traditional student later on in life – to try to put the pieces of my life back together." Read Full Testimonial
Head shot of Jose Herrera

Meet Jose Herrera-Ruiz

Computer Information Systems
Class of 2017
“MWCC gave me a solid foundation that I keep building on in all of my classes at UMASS Lowell. It was a smart idea to get my associate’s degree first. It helped me with jobs in the short run so I could get my bachelor’s degree and still work full time.”
Marymar Perez Cruz Human Services Graduate

Meet Marymar Perez Cruz

Human Services
Class of 2017
"The Mount helped me achieve my goals because of the flexibility it offers. Knowing that I have options helped me because of the busy life that I have." Read Full Testimonial
Kaleigh Peterson

Meet Kaleigh Peterson

Class of 2020
"MWCC allowed me to blossom, and see myself as the intelligent and capable woman I am. It alleviated my fears of higher ed and provided me with the chance I needed to change my life."
a woman smiles in a hallway

Meet Cassie Carlson

Human Services
Class of 2019
Having been out of the Marine Corps for over fifteen years, I didn’t feel like I deserved the help, and quite honestly, I had trust issues. Had I not finally given in, I would not have had all the help I am now getting. I am going to a four-year college because Veterans Services did not give up on me. Read Full Testimonial

Meet Jessica Decker

Class of 2019
Mount Wachusett became my answer to the question ‘what if’? What if I have a support system so amazing that I begin to accomplish things I had previously only dreamed of? Mount Wachusett is that inner voice you hear ever so slightly in your ear at the times you need it most say, “you can do this." Read Full Testimonial
a man sits at a desk looking into his computer

Meet Charlie Greco

Public Relations
Class of 2019
I found myself being inspired and motivated by students old enough to be my grandchildren and then something unexpected happened along the way; I found myself again; a second chance to make an impact on people. Read Full Testimonial
Head shot of student, Lily Carr, outside

Meet Lily Carr

Natural Resources
Class of 2015
"My Natural Resources degree gave me the skills and knowledge to launch my career with the Department of Conservation and Recreation and truly helped me excel. I get to work outside and it is such a joy knowing I got where I am today because of MWCC."
Nichole Chambers Selfie

Meet Nicole Chambers

Personal Training Certificate
Class of 2018
"I believe the classes taught me everything I need to know for future success in personal training. I enjoyed my experience, and I highly recommend the program."
Steven Ferry Headshot

Meet Steven Ferry

Personal Training Certificate
Class of 2017
"I was able to take the classes I wanted to take, take them anytime I wanted, I had the freedom to be who I wanted to be, I made great supportive friends here, I was able to get my work-outs in and do what was related to my major all the time and have a great balance to be the best I can be."
Peter Hopkins Headshot

Meet Peter Hopkins

Cyber Security
Class of 2018
"It’s intriguing, it’s challenging, it’s a good place to build skills. There’s an encouraging environment and the classes are chock full of useful material in the computer field. The courses are set up to make sure that you learn."
Kaitlyn Fales 2021

Meet Kaitlyn Fales

Business Administration
Class of 2018
“Being a part of a community college is a whole body and mind experience - you can’t just come and take classes. I’ve made so many friends that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.”
Ann Giaquinto Scott Headshot

Meet Ann Giaquinto Scott

Class of 2018
"I found the professors to be well educated medical professionals who love to share their knowledge of traditional and complementary therapies. It is their dedication to lifelong learning that inspired me to continue my education and pursue a bachelor's degree."
Sarah O'Sullivan Selfie

Meet Sarah O’Sullivan

Class of 2018
“As a graduate from MWCC’s Certificate program for dental assisting, I feel more than prepared in the field. The teachers and staff were incredibly helpful throughout the entire program. Any day I needed help or had a question I was always answered quickly and thoroughly. All of the students are always well taken care of!”
Elzbieta Solimeno Headshot

Meet Elzbieta Solimeno

Class of 2019
"The Dental Assisting program at MWCC offers a hands-on training by faculty in the dental field. The professors are very helpful and knowledgeable, and the clinic is beautiful. If you enjoy helping people, wanting to make a difference in patients’ oral health and working in a professional environment then I really recommend Dental Assisting program at MWCC."
Michael Young Headshot

Meet Michael Young

Class of 2018
“I have had a chance to update and polish my skill set, to study with inspiring teachers, and to share in class with students who treated me with respect and appreciation.”
Ashley McHugh Selfie

Meet Ashley McHugh

Class of 2018
“When I went in for my SMART Start and to fill out my FAFSA, the staff made everything super easy to understand. They were willing to help me every step of the way.” Ashely went on to earn her BS in Professional Communication at Fitchburg State University in 2020.
Jonathan Blouin sitting on a bench on a porch

Meet Jonathan Blouin

Liberal Arts & Sciences
Class of 2018
“The Gateway to College program offered me the second chance I needed and that little extra push to get my schedule in order.”
Injada Hasko Headshot

Meet Injada Hasko

Business Administration
Class of 2014
"MWCC's business program established the perfect roadmap for my educational and professional career. While the hands-on program challenged me, the professors' guidance led me to boundless internship opportunities. " Read Full Testimonial
Laura Connolly Headshot

Meet Laura Connolly

Class of 2013
“I grew exponentially as an artist and as a person because of this program. The community of people and discussion time is priceless, validating, and encouraging. Can't say enough about my time here. Thank you MWCC!”
Alyssa Fishenden Headshot

Meet Alyssa Fishenden

Art & Design
Class of 2012
“I ultimately wanted to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, so I catered each art project to fashion, that way I would have portfolio pieces geared towards my prospective major. You can really use this opportunity to explore and experiment. Make it your own.”
Kyle Dean Headshot

Meet Kyle Deane

Liberal Arts & Science History & Political Science
Class of 2017
"A huge part of it for me was the tuition break… but also the expectations, like the GPA, were just another driving factor. It was almost like a challenge – a personal challenge to adhere to the guidelines and in that same vein keep your eye on the prize and work towards a dream you have."
Headshot of MWCC Media Arts Student Mackenzie Christensen

Meet Mackenzie Christensen

Media Arts & Technology
Class of 2017
"I am currently working towards my bachelor’s degree at Berklee College of Music Online and would not have been able to do it without the knowledge and skills I learned at MWCC.” Read Full Testimonial
MWCC Student Ricardo Scarello

Meet Ricardo Scarello

Computer Information Systems
Class of 2007
“For those who are battling a disability, MWCC encouraged me and gave me a solid foundation to achieve my educational and career goals. There were times that I felt like giving up, but I kept moving forward and soon I will start a PhD program. It is all up to you.”
Bella Ballin at Graduation

Meet Bella Ballin

Liberal Arts & Sciences
Class of 2016
"This scholarship reminds me that MWCC is a place that I can always return to. It’s a place I hope to return to – to reinvest in the place that invested in me. Thank you so much for seeing the potential in me." Read Full Testimonial
MWCC Liberal Arts Biology Student Jennifer Guerriero at Graduation

Meet Jennifer Guerriero

Liberal Arts and Sciences
Class of 2017
"I always felt like I fit in. I was very nervous and I put off for a long time going back because I felt that I was much older and that I’d feel silly just going in and there’d be a lot of young students. Once I got to the Mount, it was nothing like that at all." Read Full Testimonial
MWCC Criminal Justice Student Josh Goliber

Meet Josh Goliber

Criminal Justice
Class of 2017
"The Criminal Justice faculty at the Mount does an amazing job, they have an amazing group of people working with them." Read Full Testimonial
MWCC Liberal Arts Graduate - Danielle Waseleski at Graduation

Meet Danielle Waseleski

Liberal Arts & Sciences
Class of 2017
"It’s so rewarding working for the school, you just learn so much, and I feel like from work-study you just get so much more out of your school." Read Full Testimonial
MWCC Physical Therapist Assistant Student Taryn Holly

Meet Taryn Holly

Physical Therapy Assistant
Class of 2010
“If you have the opportunity to participate in service learning, don’t hesitate.” Read Full Testimonial
MWCC Honors Program Student Tiffianie LeBlanc

Meet Tiffianie LeBlanc

Media Arts & Technology
Class of 2014
"Being in the Honors Program keeps me motivated to do well. I find it rather exciting to be part of a group that works hard."
MWCC Nursing Student Elizabeth Brown

Meet Elizabeth Brown

Class of 2017
"I’ve always been caring so I thought majoring in nursing would be a great idea. I just love taking care of people and the medical field as well – anything illnesses or medicine has always been interesting." Read Full Testimonial
Denise Gosselin

Meet Denise Gosselin

Criminal Justice
Class of 1976
“Going to the Mount was a tradition in my family. The year I graduated, my father graduated with his degree in nursing. MWCC made so much possible for me.” Denise was named Alumna of the Year in 2011 Read Full Testimonial
MWCC Physical Therapy Assistant Student Entela Roba

Meet Entela Roba

Physical Therapist Assistant
Class of 2010
"I feel comfortable and well prepared with what I learned at the Mount, and I’m proud to say that I graduated from this program."
MWCC Liberal Arts Pharmacy Student Sarah Raulston

Meet Sarah Raulston

Class of 2015
"I knew I wanted to go to pharmacy school, so I wanted to get a head start. I think it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. " Read Full Testimonial
MWCC Business Student Alan Argollo

Meet Alan Argollo

Business Administration
Class of 2016
"The MWCC Business program prepared me to transfer for my bachelor’s degree and become the successful business owner I am today."
MWCC Student Emily Lapinskas

Meet Emily Lapinskas

Liberal Arts & Sciences
Class of 2015
"Beginning at MWCC saved me a huge amount of money and all of my credits transferred. The Mount provided a good foundation for me to build upon." Emily earned her BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UMass Amherst in 2019.
MWCC Early Childhood Education Student Maria Paulino

Meet Maria Paulino

Early Childhood Education
Class of 1999
“Everyone was so supportive at the Mount, from my first day filling out an application and financial aid forms. And the professors were always there for me. I felt so at home.” Read Full Testimonial
MWCC Transfer Student to Mt. Holyoke - Lisa Burns

Meet Lisa Burns

Business Administration
Class of 2015
“Many people at Mount Wachusett and now at Mount Holyoke have faith in me as a student, which is inspiring me to strive for even more. I can’t describe the feelings I had when I read my acceptance letter. ”
Savannah Cooke

Meet Savannah Cooke

Biotechnology/ Biomanufacturing
Class of 2015
"MWCC was affordable, not intimidating like other colleges can be, and it can help you decide where you really want to go in life."

Meet Yasmine Kanaan

Business Administration
Class of 2015
"I have gone from a lost young adult with no goals and no identity, to a student with a high GPA, an associate’s degree in business that I was able to complete in one year, and an acceptance to the University of Massachusetts."
Photo of Rachel Vargeletis

Meet Rachel Vargeletis

Human Services
Class of 2017
"My experience with Pathways has been nothing but amazing. It really has transformed my life completely. I think about if I hadn’t entered Pathways, where I’d be right now, and it is literally a different life I’d be living." Read Full Testimonial

Meet Austin Seppala

Business Administration
Class of 2010
I think it goes without saying that the Mount is a supportive place. There is not a person on staff that I didn’t feel comfortable with. Read Full Testimonial
Graphic Designer, Akasha Hodge Working at His Computer

Meet Akasha Hodge

Computer Graphic Design
Class of 2006
I think that’s why the program is so successful. You have professors who have had real life experience and always really want their students to succeed. I’m an example of that. I’m a product of that and I’m forever grateful to the Mount. Read Full Testimonial

Meet Kyna Bell

Paralegal Studies
Class of 2014
“My future goals are to become a lawyer and eventually a judge. Without CCAMPIS, I would never have been able to effectively balance work and my son.”