Cassie Carlson, Class of 2019, Human Services Degree

Having been out of the Marine Corps for over fifteen years, I didn’t feel like I deserved the help, and quite honestly, I had trust issues. Had I not finally given in, I would not…
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Jessica Decker, Class of 2019, Nursing

Mount Wachusett became my answer to the question ‘what if’? What if I have a support system so amazing that I begin to accomplish things I had previously only dreamed of? Mount Wachusett is that…
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Charlie Greco, Class of 2019, Public Relations Certificate

I found myself being inspired and motivated by students old enough to be my grandchildren and then something unexpected happened along the way; I found myself again; a second chance to make an impact on…
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Brittany Gale, Class of 2019, Nursing

My childhood home life had beaten the spirit out of me and yet this college helped me find the broken pieces and restore me to a strong, confident woman. This college has shown me how…
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Lily Carr, Class of 2015, Natural Resources

"My Natural Resources degree gave me the skills and knowledge to launch my career with the Department of Conservation and Recreation and truly helped me excel. I get to work outside and it is such…

Ramsey Clayter, 2018, Human Services, 2017, Substance Abuse Counseling

“I think the best part about it is the clinical experience. It’s a 300-hour experience that you do out in the field and it really prepares you for what you’re about to enter.”

Nicole Chambers, 2018, Personal Training Certificate

"I believe the classes taught me everything I need to know for future success in personal training. I enjoyed my experience, and I highly recommend the program."

Steven Ferry, 2017, Personal Training Certificate

"I was able to take the classes I wanted to take, take them anytime I wanted, I had the freedom to be who I wanted to be, I made great supportive friends here, I was…

Peter Hopkins, 2018, Cyber Security Certificate

"It’s intriguing, it’s challenging, it’s a good place to build skills. There’s an encouraging environment and the classes are chock full of useful material in the computer field. The courses are set up to make…

Kaitlyn Fales, 2018, Business Administration

“Being a part of a community college is a whole body and mind experience - you can’t just come and take classes. I’ve made so many friends that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.”