Michael Young, 2018, Complementary Healthcare

“I have had a chance to update and polish my skill set, to study with inspiring teachers, and to share in class with students who treated me with respect and appreciation.”

Kaitlyn Fales, 2018, Business Administration and Pathways

“The past two years of my life have been filled with eye-opening encounters that have shaped the way I live and have helped me see the world in new and different lenses."

Ashley McHugh, 2018, Communications

“When I went in for my SMART Start and to fill out my FAFSA, the staff made everything super easy to understand. They were willing to help me every step of the way.”

Jonathan Blouin, 2018, Liberal Arts & Sciences (2017, Gateway to College)

“The Gateway to College program offered me the second chance I needed and that little extra push to get my schedule in order.”

Injada Hasko, MWCC 2014 (Business Administration), Suffolk University 2017

"MWCC's business program established the perfect roadmap for my educational and professional career. While the hands-on program challenged me, the professors' guidance led me to boundless internship opportunities. The program sparked my interest in new…

Laura Connolly, 2013, Art

“I grew exponentially as an artist and as a person because of this program. The community of people and discussion time is priceless, validating, and encouraging. Can't say enough about my time here. Thank you…

Alyssa Fishenden, 2012, Art, transferred to Massachusetts College of Art & Design

“I ultimately wanted to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, so I catered each art project to fashion, that way I would have portfolio pieces geared towards my prospective major. You can really use…

Bryan Nolan, 2017, Computer Information Systems

“At the Mount I learned how to find and understand information - to learn. I finally understood why I was learning what I was, and more importantly, that I could use the skills I was…

Kyle Deane, 2017, Liberal Arts & Science - History & Political Science

"A huge part of it for me was the tuition break… but also the expectations, like the GPA, were just another driving factor. It was almost like a challenge – a personal challenge to adhere…

Nate Haney, Media Arts 2006 Graduate and Associate Director at ESPN

“The MRT program was an incredible value for the money. Almost from day one, we were getting hands-on in the studios, and learning from those with relevant, real-life experiences.”