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This is MWCC: From Dual Enrollment Student to the Air Force

Alexa and her husband and infant daughter
Alexa with her husband Nathaniel and their daughter Ellie.

My sophomore year of high school I was looking at an alternative to fulfilling my high school requirements. I stumbled upon MWCC Pathways program towards the end on my sophomore year. Although, I was late applying I was accepted into the program a week later.

My experience was very interesting and different among others. I was 16 and in college with a wide variety of people. I would purposely not tell my professors my age until the last day of the course just to see their reaction. I was an honor student and graduated with a 3.6 GPA. This program was the foundation to my success. Months after graduating I enlisted in the Air Force.

Fast forward four years later and I am successfully an Active Duty Service member stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base. MWCC built my core expectations for obtaining higher education. Last year I graduated and earned my degree in Information Technology from the Community College of the Air Force. Right now, I am a Client Systems Technician focusing on finishing my BA in Human Resources from Southwestern College. I appreciate what MWCC has done for me and my family.

[headshot] Alexa Howell, Pathways program, Liberal Arts Degree

About the Author: Alexa Howell graduated in 2014 from the Pathways program with a degree in Liberal Arts.