Tuition Remission

Regular benefited employees are entitled to a tuition waiver for themselves and dependent family members for all courses offered at a state or community college or university as described in the Board of Higher Education Tuition remission Policy. MWCC tuition waiver it covers 100% of the employee and 50% of spouse and children.

  • New employees must complete a six (6) month waiting period before applying for the waiver.
  • For state-funded courses (day school), 100% of the tuition is waived. For non-state funded courses (DGCE), 50 % of the tuition is waived.
  • This benefit waives tuition costs only. Employees are responsible for all fees and housing costs.
  • A Tuition Waiver Form is required for each family member who is attending a state higher education institution. A new form is required every semester and must be submitted with the tuition bill.
  • Forms must be completed by the employee and signed by the immediate supervisor and designee in the Division of Human Resources & Payroll.