Professional Development Opportunities

The College seeks to ensure that all faculty, administrators and staff members enjoy the highest level of professional development. The College has a two prong approach for providing professional development opportunities to employees:

Internal Opportunities

Information and training opportunities are coordinated by the Division of Human Resources for general and specific groups of employees at the College.  Such opportunities are generally shorter in duration and presented in a forum and at a time conducive to having as many employees participate as possible.  Topics addressed throughout the year are typically developed by surveying all college employees for areas of interest at least once per year

External Opportunities

Employees also have the opportunity to apply for funding to support attendance at conferences or training hosted by professional associations.  A multidisciplinary committee reviews requests to support off site professional development that may be specific to certain academic fields.  The committee reviews requests on a monthly basis throughout the academic year and seeks to optimize the effect of the available resources by ensuring all segments of the College have access to some professional development opportunities.  Employees are encouraged to come back from any conference or training event they attend and share the information across the campus.

The Division of Human Resources assists with establishing professional development opportunities with the following objectives in mind:

  • Increasing individual and group professional development opportunities through the promotion of internal and external programs and resources.
  • Sponsoring programs and presentations for the College community.
  • Improving the dissemination of information on innovative research projects for improving instruction, management or services.
  • Collaborating with other groups to promote professional development.
  • Developing and orienting new employees.
  • Recognizing deserving employees.

Forms and General Guidance

You can review the following forms and general guidance regarding Professional Development at MWCC: