HR Staff

Peter Sennett
Vice President, Human Resources and Payroll/Affirmative Action Officer/Title IX Coordinator

Leading the Department of Human Resources and Payroll, the Vice President is charged with ensuring the delivery of services in all matters relating to employee recruitment, personnel and labor relations, payroll and benefits, and professional development; strategic planning relating to, but not exclusive to, HR strategies, perspectives and trends; implementing human resource policies and programs to support college initiatives; and determining appropriate institutional actions in grievance and dispute situations. Achieving this objective the Vice President provides direction for implementing three collective bargaining agreements and the State’s system-wide Payroll plan, creates and enforces policy, and assists with the resolution of disciplinary issues or other conflicts of interest.

Constance Helstowski
Director, Payroll and Benefits

The Director of Payroll and Benefits oversees the execution of the College payroll through the on-line payroll system.  Assisting the Vice President of Human Resources and Payroll with all payroll projections, updates, and actuals.  The Director of Payroll and Benefits is the primary contact for full-time employee payroll questions.  In addition, the Director of Payroll and Benefits administers the benefit plans and employee leave programs (e.g., FMLA, MMLA, Worker’s Comp and Sick Leave Bank) for all full-time employees as well as organizes benefit initiatives.   The Director of Payroll and Benefits is also responsible for orienting new hires, conducting exit interviews and assisting employees who are considering retirement.

Nancy Thibodeau
Staff Assistant

Provides administrative support for the Vice President of Human Resources and Payroll/Affirmative Action Officer in regards to department projects, policies, and activities and performs liaison work between the department and the internal and external community.  The Staff Assistant provides a considerable degree of decision making and demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the functions of the College and the department and has a working knowledge of the related collective bargaining agreements and handbooks.

Debbie Holland
Administrative Assistant I

The Administrative Assistant for Human Resources works to ensure the recruiting and hiring process satisfies all contractual and policy requirements.  Responsible for receiving ad requests; creating and posting position vacancies, receiving resumes and fielding position vacancy questions, the Administrative Assistant shares responsibility for managing the automated applicant tracking system . The Administrative Assistant is also responsible for orienting part-time employees and work study students, providing employee verification, changing employees’ personal data (name, address, phone number, etc.), entering full-time attendance data and addressing questions regarding leave accruals.

Tracy Sheridan
Human Resource Generalist/Payroll

The Staff Assistant for Payroll is the primary point of contact for  all part-time employees (including adjunct faculty and work study students) with any payroll issues such as taxes, pay rates, deductions, Workers Compensation, or coding of time sheets.  The Staff Assistant also performs special projects as required and maintains employee files.

Kathy Boucher
Staff Assistant/Recruitment

The Staff Assistant for Recruitment is responsible for administering  the online applicant tracking system and serving as liaison to hiring managers and candidates for employment. In this capacity the Staff Assistant for Recruitment also organizes, tracks and files all supporting documentation for the recruiting process.    The Staff Assistant for Recruiting also facilitates  administrative support for evening hours at the College, coordinates the delivery of staff and faculty ID’s, and generates and distributes surveys and  analysis of survey results measuring the feedback from professional development events.

Jessica Schavrien
Information Center Staff Assistant

The Information Center Staff Assistant supports the College Information Center providing information to college patrons regarding time and location of college events, and acts as liaison to both the Campus Police Department and the Facilities Department.  The Staff Assistant works closely with the Division of Human Resources and registers staff and faculty for training workshops, places long distance phone calls on behalf of employees, and maintains the College’s telephone directory.