Workplace Volunteer Program

Mount Wachusett Community College has long been committed to community service and continues to galvanize its resources, partnering with colleagues and competitors alike, to strengthen the communities it serves. MWCC succeeds not just by educating and empowering students in hopes of future change makers but also by being good citizens today. Workplace volunteering, a planned, managed effort that seeks to motivate and enable employees to effectively volunteer under the leadership of the employer, is a critical element of three strategic priorities listed in the MWCC Fact book.

  • Community Outreach and Involvement: To strengthen the College’s outreach and presence and impact on the community it serves.
  • Institutional Culture and Climate: Transform institutional culture and climate to position the college to fully realize its vision, fulfill its mission and successfully achieve its strategic goals, objectives and desired outcomes.
  • Student Success: Foster a nurturing, student centered learning environment with a cohesive network of support services that maximize access and students’ potential to learn, succeed academically and persist