Advanced Manufacturing

MWCC MechatronicsDiscover what the world of Advanced Manufacturing has to offer you.

Mechatronics is an emerging field that integrates electrical and mechanical systems and incorporates computer control and information technology. It’s a combination of mechanics and electronics, highlighting the importance of automation and robotics in modern manufacturing processes.

Control Systems

A control system manages the performance of devices used in industrial production. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) typically control equipment or machines. Learn to integrate, troubleshoot, & program PLCs.

Electrical Systems

Electrical components vary greatly in power and complexity. Students learn the fundamentals of industrial electrical systems and how various motors are used, controlled, and maintained with an emphasis on safety.

Mechanical Systems

Mechanical systems provide the motion and force to perform manufacturing functions by using a power source. Students learn about hydraulic and pneumatic power sources as well as fundamentals of machines.

Computers & Robotics

Computers and robots are key in manufacturing. Students learn recordkeeping, touch screen systems, and Enterprise Resource Planning software. Students also learn to program, operate, and maintain robotic systems.

Industries That Use Mechatronics


Learn aircraft equipment and mechanisms; propulsion and hydraulic systems.


Integrate electrical, mechanical, and digital control systems with a physical automotive system.

Consumer Products

Employ engineering techniques to shorten product development time and better utilize manpower.

Defense Systems

Training in mechanical power transmission, electro-hydrostatic actuation systems, and advanced motion controls.


Advanced problem solving in mechanical principles, repairs, automation, process changes & solutions.

Materials Processing

Training in new materials technology and processing, materials science, and automation.


Learn design of innovative medical instruments and devices, medical imaging, bioengineering.


Advanced processes in printing and photocopying with lasers and LED technology.

Modern High-Tech Careers

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