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Training Funds Available

Annually, 187,000 Massachusetts businesses pay to fund the Workforce Training Fund. In turn, each year the Workforce Training Fund awards approximately $21 million in grant money to help businesses train employees, enhance skills, and learn new skills. MWCC Workforce Development has worked with over 50 companies in the local service area to access over $2.5 million in training funds.

Step One: Training Contract

Complete our Training Contract

Step Two: Training Needs Assessment

Before we can write a competitive grant, we must design a training program that meets your needs and that of your staff. MWCC offers a free training needs assessment that can be distributed to your whole company via email. The Human Resource manager and CEO should consider the following:

  1. Why is training needed? What specific goal or problem are you trying to address and how will training resolve it?
  2. What is the training objective? What is the intended purpose or outcome of the training?
  3. What are the training activity and target audience? Who needs training? Consider the topics that will be necessary to achieve the stated training objective. What are the job titles of the trainees? What are the hourly rates plus fringe of the trainees?
  4. How will you measure the success of this training objective and what are the expected results of this training? Specify what you will measure, its current operational level, and the expected level of improvement either as an absolute value or as a percentage change.

Step Three: Grant Application

Once we begin working on a grant on your behalf, MWCC will provide you with links to a series of surveys designed to elicit information about your company’s training needs, goals, and measurable outcomes. This information will be used to craft a customized training program and competitive grant application.

These surveys will include the following:

  1. Basic Questions Survey identifies the basic description and nature of the company
  2. Anticipated Questions Survey identifies the expected outcomes as a result of training
  3. ROI Survey assesses the return on investment of the proposed training plan

Our Commitment to You

When your company agrees to contract with us for all your training needs resulting from a grant submission, MWCC provides the following for FREE:

  • Training needs assessment
  • Training plan design
  • Trainer choice options
  • Preferred trainer status
  • Grant writing assistance
  • Grant management