Announcing InvolveMOUNT!

InvolveMOUNT-logoWe are launching a new platform called InvolveMOUNT this fall! InvolveMOUNT provides a virtual presence for all organized clubs, societies, and student groups.

All students, staff and faculty will be invited to create an account in InvovleMount. Once logged in, they will be able to access information about the various groups and activities, find out when meeting and events are happening, and sign up to be on their mailing lists. Additionally, students will be able to log service hours and create a co-curricular transcript for use when completing transfer or job applications.

Club and group admin members will be able to create events on InvolveMOUNT and students will be able to register to participate.

All of the Student Life events and activities will be on InvolveMOUNT giving students easy access in one central location. Whether it is a speaker, a contest, or a social get-together on Zoom, students will find the info on InvolveMOUNT and register for the events they would like to attend.

InvolveMOUNT is the go-to place for everything outside the classroom! Visit Student Life’s InvolveMOUNT page to learn more and sign up today!