Graduate Profile Irene Gulnick – Future Art Therapist

Irene Gulnick, a member of the Class of 2022, will be heading to Springfield College in the fall where she will major in Art Therapy. Her portfolio and academic excellence earned her a $23,000 annual merit scholarship.

“I decided to attend the Mount in 2019 after a gap year of working full time. I have been passionate about art ever since I was a little girl and did not want to let my dream of pursuing it go. The Mount was the best option for me because I was able to join the wonderful art program that MWCC has, and I’ll be receiving my associate’s degree this spring,” Gulnick says.

“I want to go into Art Therapy because I believe there should be more resources for people during therapy to work creatively,” she continues. “Not everybody’s brain works the same way when coping or expressing their emotions. I believe Art Therapy will be a good way for me to combine my need to make people happy and my knowledge of fine arts.”

“I would also like to shout out to my professor Joyce Miller,” she adds. “For going above and beyond to see her students succeed, I really do appreciate you!”

Irene Gulnick painting in MWCC art studio 2021
Still life of fruit, oil painting, 2020
Figure Study #3, Oil on Canvas, 24×18 inches


Still-Life, Oil on Canvas, 20×16 inches