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College 101

Community College: How It Works

Other than the popular series about an unlikely group of misfits attending community college, community colleges don’t get much attention in popular culture, so many people aren’t sure how they work. Firstly, you may hear people call community colleges two-year colleges because they award two-year degrees, called associate degrees. Or, some may call them junior […]

What Can You Do With A Medical Assisting Degree?

Most people dream of pursuing careers in medical assisting but have many unanswered questions standing in their way. You’re probably wondering what degree is needed to become a medical assistant, what medical assistants do or whether it’s a path worth venturing into. These are all valid questions. We’ve compiled this guide to address the frequently asked […]

What Can You Do With An Environmental Conservation Degree?

An environmental science degree prepares you to preserve and manage the natural environment. Students learn to analyze and protect wildlife and the natural environment through a variety of courses. If you’re interested in the science of helping the planet, pursuing an environment-based program can help you enter the professional field. Do you want to learn […]

What Can You Do With An Automotive Technology Degree?

If you love working with cars, you have a variety of ways to turn your passion into a career. From mechanics to sales professionals, many jobs let you work closely with cars. One way to achieve this career is by obtaining a degree in automotive technology. These degrees specialize in the mechanical aspects of car […]

What Can You Do With a Fire Science Degree?

A fire science degree is an educational program that prepares students for a career in fire safety. However, becoming a firefighter is far from your only path once you graduate. A fire science degree opens the door to various career opportunities you might be unaware of. Let’s explore what a fire science degree is and […]