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College 101

How to Prepare for Your First Day of College

Your first day of college is an exciting time, but we know it can be intimidating. If you’re looking for some tips on your first day of college, we’ve got you covered. From getting ready the night before to showing up early for class, there are plenty of little things you can do to feel […]

7 Study Hacks for College Students

Learning how to study in college can be easy. Taking the time to discover what works best for you takes time, but there are plenty of methods to explore. Not every habit will work for every student, but there are so many study tips for college students that you’re sure to find one or two […]

Taking College Courses Over the Summer

Whether you’re a high school student looking to build your college application or a current college student trying to graduate early, taking a summer class is an excellent way to keep your brain thinking and save you money on tuition. College courses are more rigorous than high school classes, and summer courses can be more […]

College Degree Guide and Options

Earning a college degree can open a world of career opportunities after graduating from high school or transition careers. You might even desire specialized education — there are so many reasons people look to the world of academia to help them achieve their goals. From associate and bachelor’s to master’s and doctoral, you might wonder […]

How to Apply for Financial Aid 

Nearly $120 billion in federal student aid is given to students every year in the form of grants, work-study opportunities and loans. However, figuring out how to access those resources is challenging for many students, especially the first time. Applying for financial aid doesn’t have to be hard. Understanding where and how to apply for […]