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Update on Post Pandemic Travel

We’ve just participated in a webinar with the US Department of State identifying what services a citizen can expect when international travel resumes. The two main takeaways were; preparation & personal responsibility. First, foreign countries will most likely add the COVID vaccine to the list of vaccines one must have to enter, and require proof […]

Diversity Abroad and Education in Ireland Announce New Inclusive Scholarship

In collaboration with Diversity Abroad, Education in Ireland recently announced the creation of a new scholarship program: the Inclusive Ireland Scholarships, which will support BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) students to study abroad in Ireland.  With a commitment to providing academically rigorous and culturally immersive study abroad experiences for students from all backgrounds […]

The Culture of Business Cards

In American culture, we hand out business cards in a very casual manner with no ritual involved. Did you know that in other cultures, the process of distributing your business card can be filled with ritual and protocol? Which hand to use, making eye contact or bowing can indicate that you are aware of these […]

Gilman & Gilman-McCain Scholarships are now available!

The Gilman & Gilman McCain scholarships are now available at MWCC. The Gilman Scholarship provides up to $5,000 (or $8,000 if you’re studying a critical need language) to Undergraduate students to go abroad on an in-person or virtual program who are United States citizens and are also recipients of the Federal Pell Grant. The Gilman-McCain […]

Webinar: What the State Dept. and US Embassies Can and Can’t Do in a Crisis

For those MWCC community members who have been bitten by an international “travel bug,” you may wonder what kinds of change in services have been happening at the State Department during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been wondering that as well in our Office! There are two upcoming webinars that might be of interest to […]