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What Can You Do With a Mathematics Degree?

The world is surrounded by numbers, equations and algorithms. Numbers are objective and leave no place for speculation. But most of all, every mathematics problem presents a unique challenge. Those who are interested in mathematics are problem solvers and keen to make sense of the world around them in an analytical way. People with a […]

What Can You Do With a Degree in Legal Studies? 

What Can You Do With a Degree in Legal Studies? Given how vast the legal studies landscape is, it’s natural to want to understand what exactly you can do with a degree in it. A legal studies degree can be extremely beneficial if career stability is important to you and you’re pursuing a career that […]

STEM Week October 16th – 20th

Weather & Waffles Indulge in the free waffle bar while you join the conversation! Abe Farley, Hydrologist from the National Weather Service’s Northeast River Forecast Center will share his extensive expertise in river forecasting for New England and New York. Don’t miss this chance to gain insights from a true expert and enjoy scrumptious waffles! […]

What Can You Do With A Computer Information Systems Degree?

What Can You Do With A Computer Information Systems Degree? When it’s time to start considering starting or changing careers, a college degree can provide a world of opportunities. However, choosing the right one is essential for your happiness and career success. If you’re passionate about IT and computers, you have several options. A computer information systems […]

Community College vs. University: Pros and Cons

To select the right school for your higher education, you may first want to choose between community college and university. Though each option has its benefits, attending community college can save you money and offer better flexibility. If you decide to compare two-year colleges to four-year universities, first consider the pros and cons of both. […]