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What Can You Do With an Art Degree?

Pursuing higher education is like stepping onto a blank canvas — there are countless possibilities. If you have a passion for artistic expression and creativity, you may be looking into an art degree. We’ll delve into the brush strokes that make up art degrees and paint a picture of the possible careers out there. What […]

Interview with Venturer and Intern Katelyn Murphy

We had the pleasure of getting to know Katelyn Murphy as she was launching her first Venture at Oakmont Regional High School. Soon after she became an intern with UWYV, helped launch another Venture Team, and later she co-hosted the UWYV Fall Kickoff in 2020. This gal is a STAR in so many ways. She […]

The Kindergarten Staff at South Street Elementary Delivers

The Kindergarten staff at South Street Elementary “delivers” to students in so many ways. Naturally, door-to-door deliveries to students during the current school shut-downs just made sense to this dedicated team of educators. Through careful coordination, the Kindergarten staff delivered goodie bags and marigold plants to their students last Friday, May 22, while maintaining a […]