Visions Leaders — Keys to Success

Unlock the door to your own vision of a successful future through interactive, practical, hands-on experiences, discussions and activities.

The Visions Program invites you to:

  • Join a small team of motivated, enthusiastic students who are committed to meeting for eight sessions in the spring semester.
  • Develop new skills and perspectives.
  • Learn to become an effective leader.

If you can make these commitments and are interested in developing skills that will help you achieve success – this is the group for you!

Download the Leadership Application

Statement of Purpose


Create a leadership program for Visions students focused on developing leadership, life skills, and community connections.

Selection Process

All Visions Program students are invited to apply to become Visions Leaders. Interested students should complete the application and return it to the program. Visions staff will review the application for final selection based on student level of commitment to the Visions Program (past and present) and the needs of the group as a whole.


Visions Leaders develop leadership skills by applying the principals of leadership learned in workshop settings to Visions Program activities, campus involvement, and team projects.

Life skills will be presented through discussion and interactive workshops including organization, time management, financial planning, career direction, and motivation. These skills provide students with valuable tools for life challenges, academic progress, transfer, and career.

Community building will foster and strengthen the connections between leaders and staff, leaders and leaders, as well as leaders and other Visions students.