Visions Program Staff

Gaurav Khanna
Room 134F, 978-630-9368

Lauren Clifford
Retention Specialist
Room 136, 978-630-9185

Dawn Babineau
Learning Specialist
Room 134C, 978-630-9431

Sarah Pingeton
Transfer/Academic Counselor
Room 134H, 978-630-9304

Angela Snyder
Academic Advisor

Sara Williams
Program Manager
Room 134, 978-630-9297

Kayla Coates
Staff Assistant
Room 134, 978-630-9453

Mary Roth
Professional Tutor
Room 134E, 978-630-9584

Sarah Kipp
Professional Tutor

Paula Clapp
Learning Specialist- Math
Room 134D, 978-630-9355

Margaret McNamara
Math Professional Tutor
Room 134A, 978-630-9303

Rachel Davis
Staff Assistant
Room 134, 978-630-9453


For general information regarding student eligibility and program services, contact the Visions Program at 978-630-9297 or stop the TRIO SSS Complex in Room 134 on the Gardner Campus.