Tuition and Fees

Day State-Supported Courses

Massachusetts Residents

Massachusetts resident students are defined as a U.S. citizen or resident alien who has lived in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for at least six continuous months preceding the beginning date of the academic period for which he/she seeks to enroll. All International students attending this college with a student visa must pay non-resident tuition.

2021 – 2022 2022-2023
Tuition per credit hour  $25 $25
College fees per credit hour $197 $200
Total per credit hour $222 $225

New England Regional Student Program (see New England Regional Student Program)

Tuition per credit hour    $37.50
College fees per credit hour $200
Total per credit hour $237.50

Non-Resident and International Students

All international students attending this college with a student visa must pay non-resident tuition.

Tuition per credit hour $230
College fees per credit hour $200
Total per credit hour $430

Non-State Supported Courses

(Includes some day courses, most WEB courses, and most courses offered at Leominster, Devens, Fitchburg Campuses and Off Campus)

Tuition per credit hour $25
College fees per credit hour $200
Total per credit hour $225

Tuition and Fees for Auditing Courses

If a student chooses to audit a course they will be charged tuition and fees based on their residency status and the above rates.

Program and Special Course Fees

In addition to the regular tuition and college fees, several programs are charged program fees and some courses have special fees. See below for your program or course.

Automotive Technology Certificate and Degree (ATC & ATD) $50 per credit for all AUT courses; 21-22 Academic Year – $3,950 first semester charge (mandatory automotive tool kit). 22-23 Academic Year – TBD.
Dental Assisting Certificate (DAC) $350 per semester, $450 exam fee for DAC 115
Dental Hygiene Degree (DHY) $2,225 per semester, $3,929.45 DHY 102 Freshman Kit, $670.94 DHY 203 Sophomore Kit
HEA 106: Exploring Health Careers: Charting a Plan for Success $43 CPR test fee
Medical Assisting Degree (MAS) $125 for exam fee for MAS 240
Medical Office Certificate (MOC) $117 for exam fee for MAS 211
Nursing Degree — LPN Bridge (NUP) $1,100 per semester (excluding the first spring semester when enrolled in NUR 116)
Nursing Degree — Day (NU) $850 per semester
Nursing Degree — Evening (NUE) $850 per semester
Paramedic Technology Certificate (PAC) $1,100 per semester
Phlebotomy Training (XPLB) $150 for site fee for PLB 203
Physical Therapist Assistant Degree (PTA) $262 Membership and Materials for PTA 103, $104 Membership for PTA 114
Practical Nursing Certificate (PN) $1,100 per semester
Study Abroad HUM 290 has variable costs depending on the destination and length of stay. See Please note that this course is exempt from refund policies. Fees associated with registering are non-refundable.
Veterinary Technology Degree (VTE) $1,200 per semester

Additional Expenses – All Students

Registration fee $50 per semester
Technology access fee (1-8 credits) $100 per semester
Technology access fee (9+ credits) $100 per semester
Health insurance2 $3,858 (September 1, 2022 – August 31, 2023)
Health insurance2 $2,574 (January 1, 2023 – August 31, 2023, for spring semester students entering in January)
LEM (laboratory, equipment, and materials fee3 $10 per credit for laboratory and other equipment-intensive courses
Liability insurance4 $15 per specified course
Student activity fee $30 per semester for students taking nine credits or more per semester


Official Transcript Fees

Mount Wachusett Community College has authorized Parchment to provide self-service electronic delivery of transcripts.


  • Electronic (email) transcript: $2.75
  • Paper transcript USPS Domestic mail option: $2.75 + $2.50 shipping/handling = $5.25
  • Parchment also offers USPS International, FedEx Domestic, and FedEx International as mailing methods. Fees are to be determined at checkout.

Please note: Current and former students can choose to send their transcripts for free through the US mail using MWCC’s online form.

Replacement Diplomas

Replacement diplomas are requested through the Records Office and the cost is $25.

Cancelation for Non-payment of Charges

Payment of all charges is due in full by the due date specified on the student bill. Students whose accounts have not been paid in full, or otherwise cleared through commitments by other sources, will be subject to cancelation of class enrollment. Students will not be allowed to re-enroll without proper payment.

Senior Citizen and Massachusetts Tuition/Fee Waivers

A. Students 60 years and older and who are Massachusetts residents for at least one year are eligible for waiver of credit based tuition and fees on a space available basis. Eligible senior citizens may not register for classes until one week prior to the start of classes, if space is available, to take advantage of the senior citizen tuition and fee waiver. Individuals registering prior to that time will be expected to pay all applicable tuition and fees. Please call MWCC Student Financial Services for further information at 978-630-9169.

B. The Massachusetts legislature has approved a number of tuition waiver programs, Categorical Tuition Waivers, for individuals meeting certain criteria. These waivers include the Veterans Tuition Waiver, the Massachusetts National Guard Tuition and Fee Assistance Program, the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Client Waiver, the Native American Waiver, and others. Eligible individuals must present proof of eligibility to receive a tuition waiver of state-supported tuition (classes with a billing attribute of B100). Fees and non-state supported tuition will only be waived when the enabling legislation calls for such action.

C. Eligibility requirements include the following criteria: Be accepted to a degree or certificate program; be enrolled in at least three credits per semester; be making satisfactory academic progress; be a permanent legal resident of Massachusetts for at least one year; be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen; not be in default of a student loan; be in compliance with Selective Service laws. Auditing classes and enrolling in classes that are not required by the student’s degree program will not be covered by these waivers.

Unpaid Debt Policy

It is MWCC’s policy that students or former students having any unpaid obligations for tuition or any fees due the college and who have not made acceptable arrangements for settlement of such obligations, will be subject to the withholding of any grades, grade reports, transcripts, diplomas and certificates, and will not be eligible to enroll in any course or program of the college until satisfactory settlement of unpaid debts. Students will incur all costs of collection if the college must place their accounts with a collection agency and with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for intercept of other state payments (tax refunds, etc.). All receipts for payment must be issued in the student’s name, regardless of who is paying the bill. Former students who have a current student loan default will be subject to the same prohibitions.