North Central Massachusetts Talent Search

Objectives and Goals at a Glance

The NCMTS grant is designed to produce quantifiable results in the student population that it serves. All programming will be aimed at accomplishing the following goals:

  1. Secondary School Persistence: Non-seniors will complete each grade and re-enter school the next year in the appropriate grade
  2. Secondary School Graduation: Seniors will complete high school with regular high school diplomas in the standard number of years
  3. Secondary School Completion of Rigorous Curriculum: Seniors will graduate having completed a rigorous curriculum (Aligns with Masscore Requirments)

Essentially, the primary goal of the North Central Massachusetts Talent Search (NCMTS) grant is to assist participants from eligible districts to successfully complete middle and high school and enroll in postsecondary education with the support from MWCC staff.

Talent Search offers services to five hundred (500) individuals in grades six through twelve, of whom at least two-thirds must be income eligible and potential first generation college students.


Both individual counseling and group activities provide participants of Talent Search with academic, career, and personal development.
Workshop topics include:

  • enhancing study strategy techniques
  • selecting college-preparatory high school courses
  • completing career assessments
  • building self-esteem
  • preparing for the PSAT/SAT
  • transitioning to college
  • college admissions procedures
  • completing financial aid forms

Early College Planning workshops are held for middle school families. Leadership conferences enhance student’s preparation for postsecondary education. Students also participate in various community service activities.

Participating Districts

The school districts targeted in the grant include:

  • Fitchburg (Sizer)
  • Athol (Athol Royalston Middle School, Athol High School)
  • Winchendon (Murdock Middle/High School)
  • Clinton (Clinton Middle and High School)

Specifically designed for disadvantaged students, NCMTS is one of the nationwide TRIO programs created through federal legislation over 40 years ago. TRIO participants represent a variety of social and cultural backgrounds. Mount Wachusett Community College has administered the NCMTS program since fall of 2011. NCMTS is 100% funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The total funding for this grant is $240,000 annually.

The staff of NCMTS provides services to eligible participants. If you have a disability and may require accommodations in order to participate fully in program activities, please contact the Division of Access and Transition office at 978-630-9248.

Talent Search offers services to five hundred (500) individuals in grades six through twelve, of whom at least two-thirds must be income-eligible and potential first-generation college students from the following districts:

  • Fitchburg (Sizer)
  • Athol (Athol Royalston Middle School, Athol High School)
  • Orange (Ralph C. Mahar Regional School)
  • Winchendon (Murdock Middle/High School)
  • Clinton (Clinton Middle and High School)

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