Are You a First-Generation Trailblazer?

Students in the classroomWhat is a First Gen?

The term first-gen or first-generation student seems simple enough, though there is some wiggle room in the definition. Being a first-generation student means that your parents or guardians have not completed their bachelor’s degree. However, if your parents or guardians have attended some college, earned their degree outside of the US, or your sibling earned their bachelor’s degree, you could still claim the first-gen title.

Today, approximately 69% of MWCC students are first-gen, and the Mount is proud to provide support to these students.

First Gen Programs at the Mount

At Mount Wachusett Community College we offer a wide range of student support services to help and guide you to meet your goals, whether you start your career after your time with us, or transfer on to a four-year college.

Thanks to the TRIO Federal Student Support Services grant program, The Mount is able to offer two programs tailored to first-generation students. The first of these programs is, Rx which focuses on supporting those interested in pursuing a career in health sciences, the second is Visions, which serves first-gen students who are in other programs of study. Both the Rx and Visions programs offer you personalized, one-stop shopping for services like: academic planning and course selection, personal and career counseling, professional tutors for math and writing, financial support and free classes, transfer visits and planning for those interested in four-year schools, learning communities, cultural/recreational activities, and student leadership development.

Why are Resources for First-Generation Students Important?

Student services are put in place to help you succeed not only in class but well beyond. According to a study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Boston, students who have quality learning and support are more likely to stay in school and graduate while other students who don’t take advantage of these services are more likely to drop out. In other words, students who feel supported are more likely to succeed. These services also level the playing field for all students and provide you with an equal opportunity and a chance to thrive in your community, be it school, work, or even with your peers.

The Visions and Rx programs at the Mount make an enormous difference in student achievement. Ninety-one percent of Visions students and 89% of Rx students stay in school from one year to the next compared to 47% and 49% respectively for those not utilizing these programs. In short, the Visions and Rx programs help you to fulfill your goal—completing your certificate or associates degree and then either entering the workforce or continuing your education.

In summary, being the first in your family to attend college can be very overwhelming. From admissions to enrollment and financial aid, the path through college can be confusing with limited support in your family to help you navigate. But here at the Mount, we have dedicated programs and devoted staff members ready to help our trailblazing, first-generation students.

Interested in learning more about the Mount’s programs?

Visit MWCC’s TRIO page or call 978-630-9447 to speak to an Admissions Counselor