What is an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree?

Interdisciplinary Studies Degree FAQs

Do you know you want a college degree, but you aren’t sure what you want to study yet? An Interdisciplinary Studies degree is the answer for you!

Interdisciplinary studies integrate knowledge and methods from multiple fields of study. It brings together a variety of perspectives, theories, and methodologies to foster a broader understanding and a more holistic approach to knowledge and problem-solving.

Interdisciplinary studies encourage collaboration and communication, bringing together experts from various fields to create new insights and approaches. Interdisciplinary studies can take various forms and can be found at different levels of education, from undergraduate to postgraduate levels. Some universities offer specific interdisciplinary programs or majors, while others promote interdisciplinary research and collaboration through centers or institutes.

Interdisciplinary studies are an excellent option for a student who has a particular goal that doesn’t fit within other academic programs, for instance combining business courses with art courses for someone who might want to open an art or tattoo studio.

In addition, students who have a range of transfer credits, because they had changed majors in the past but want to finish a degree, can choose to complete a Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Interdisciplinary Studies degree blog post second imageBenefits of a degree in interdisciplinary studies

Well-Rounded Understanding

By drawing on multiple disciplines, interdisciplinary studies allow for a more comprehensive understanding of complex phenomena and lead to a deeper appreciation of the subject matter.

Innovation and Creativity

Interdisciplinary studies can spark innovation by combining ideas and methods from different fields, removing traditional disciplinary boundaries allows for new insights and solutions.

Problem-solving Skills

Real-world problems are complex and require multidimensional solutions. A degree in interdisciplinary studies equips students with the tools and knowledge to tackle problems from various angles and develop innovative solutions.

Collaboration and Communication

Interdisciplinary studies fosters collaboration and effective communication skills among students with diverse backgrounds and expertise. This promotes teamwork and facilitates the exchange of ideas, leading to a more dynamic learning and research environment.

Career Versatility

An interdisciplinary study degree can enhance a graduate’s career opportunities by providing a broader skill set. Graduates with interdisciplinary backgrounds often have the flexibility to work in diverse fields and tackle a wide range of professional challenges.

What courses are involved in an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

At MWCC you can take a general Interdisciplinary Studies degree, or you can enroll in the Allied Health Concentration which will prepare you to enter a healthcare program.

Students in the Interdisciplinary Studies degree take College Writing and Math, Computer Information Systems and Behavioral Science and general electives which could include lab sciences, literature, or business. Those in the Allied Health concentration will focus on biology, life sciences, and health career exploration.

In the final semester, students take the Interdisciplinary Capstone course. The purpose of this course is to have students experience scholarship and research as an interdisciplinary, social enterprise. Students will explore and improve their critical thinking, analysis and argumentation skills. They will strive to become stronger independent thinkers and to investigate subjects of interest within their field of study. Students will integrate different disciplinary perspectives and knowledge gained through their prior coursework to explore global, national and local social issues.

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