Our role – The Center works to build relationships with community partners throughout Massachusetts and limited areas in New Hampshire. We have conversations with partners to assess their needs and see how we can best assist them through volunteerism. Currently, we have worked with 147 different partners and continue to expand to meet community needs.

One focus we have as we pair folks with a site to volunteer with is asking what they are passionate about and what issues are important to them. Through these conversations, we work to combine these together to pair someone interested in volunteering with work they will connect to.

Questions to ask yourself before getting started are:

  1. What are your interests, passions, or hobbies? Example: “I love photography!”
  2. What is an issue you are interested in and passionate about? Example: “I am interested in working with domestic violence victims and assisting them with support and giving them their power back.”
  3. How can you combine your passion and interest issue? Example: “I could create a photography series for people to get their portrait taken and provide a space for them to share their story. That photo and story can then be given to them.”

Give Pulse – Give Pulse is our online software that assists students in tracking their hours they complete. Whether it is an internship experience, volunteering, or a group dedicating hours for their club, Give Pulse is the place to track! Give Pulse trainings are offered to anyone that requests them. Please read more on tracking hours and Give Pulse here.

Support – We work to support anyone at MWCC that is looking to volunteer. Whether you are a student, staff, or faculty – we are here to help! If you have a community partner that you are interested in working with or have worked with, and want to expand our resources, please feel free to contact us. If you are a community partner, please feel free to read more here about how to partner with us.

Internships/Service Learning – Looking to be paired with a site as a requirement for your class? Please read more on this here. 

Contact – Need additional info? Please contact us.
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