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Meet Our Staff

Advising is here to help you through your time here at MWCC. Although all our advisors are trained to understand all majors, working with an advisor within their specialty allows for more detailed knowledge about those programs. Feel free to reach out to any advisor you think would work best for you!

  • Shanni Arsenault, Director of Advising   |   978-630-9372
  • Sue Blain, Academic Advisor   |   978-630-9854
  • Michelle Contey, Academic Counselor–TOP/Section 30/Trade   |   978-630-9482
  • Jaime Dumont-McEvoy, Academic Counselor–Perkins Career and Technical Programs (Leominster)   |   978-630-9824
  • Theresa Kacian, Disabilities Counselor–Perkins Career and Technical Programs   |   978-630-9438
  • Holly Kreidler-Phaneuf, Financial Literacy Counselor–Perkins Career and Technical Programs   |   978-630-9197
  • Jose Mangual, Academic Counselor–ESL–Perkins Career and Technical Programs (Leominster)   |   978-630-9818
  • Amanda Meyer, Academic Counselor–Selective Health Programs–Perkins Career and Technical Programs   |   978-630-9266
  • Elaine Murray, Academic Counselor   |   978-630-9583
  • Sarah Pingeton, Academic Counselor–Transfer   |   978-630-9295