Who is Eligible?

MWCC benefitted employees (full-time and pro-rated* NUP, AFSME and MCCC employees) can volunteer under the SERV Employee Volunteer Program one day per month at an approved Massachusetts non-profit organization (7.5 or 8 hours/month; pro-rated for pro-rated employees) under the following eligibility criteria:

  • Completion of at least 6 months of employment immediately prior to the volunteer request.
  • Completion of a SERV request form with approval and signature from the employee’s direct supervisor.
  • Volunteer Service can be completed only at one of the approved non-profit organizations listed for the current year. A full list is available via web as well as special employee days of service coordinated by the Brewer Center.

*Pro-rated benefitted employees (NUP, AFSME and MCCC) are eligible to volunteer once per month on a pro-rated basis

Who is NOT Eligible?

Contracted, seasonal and temporary employees such as Adjunct Faculty, student employees, amongst others, are not eligible for the SERV Employee Volunteer Program.

Where Can I Volunteer?

  • The SERV Employee Volunteer Program Guidelines include examples of acceptable activities under this leave policy.  Some of them include school volunteer, educational, environmental, health, human services, and public safety activities.
  • Please review the SERV List of Approved Nonprofits online for an up-to-date list of organizations, and the SERV guidelines for a full list of approved activities.  You can find it in the “Workplace Volunteer Forms” section.

Where Can I NOT Volunteer?

  • MWCC is not an approved organization under the SERV program.
  • The SERV Employee Volunteer Program Guidelines include examples of activities not permitted under this leave policy. You can find it in the “Workplace Volunteer Forms” section.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

For detailed SERV program guidelines information, forms and a list of approved nonprofits in the “Workplace Volunteer Forms” section.