What Can You Do With a Media Arts and Technology Degree?

What Can You Do With a Media Arts and Technology Degree?

If you love movies, music or photography but are more interested in what happens behind the camera or microphone, a degree in Media Arts and Technology may be the right choice for you. At Mount Wachusett Community College (MWCC), we offer a comprehensive Media Arts and Technology associate degree that gives you the soft and hard skills you need to flourish in media and communication-related careers.

What Is a Media Arts and Technology Degree?

A media communications degree helps students develop the skills to create effective messages through audio or video. These degree programs combine theory and hands-on learning to equip you with the knowledge and skillsets to pursue a career in media.

As you complete your associate degree, you will have the opportunity to explore many different aspects of media and arts technology, including audio production, post-production and multi-camera video production. By gaining broad exposure to various aspects of production, you can use your skills to enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year program.

The world of media arts and technology is more than learning how to use various software and equipment. Our degree program combines many different aspects like communication skills, characteristics of media industries and practical training. All students also have the opportunity for professional experience as they complete projects throughout the college and community.

What Can You Specialize in With a Media Arts and Technology Degree?

We have specialization programs if you have an interest in a particular area of the media arts and technology field. Our flexible program requirements allow students to pursue a specific focus or create a study program that meets their goals. Our three specialization programs are:

  • Audio Engineering: Gain the skills you need to become a master of the soundboard. Our Audio Engineering concentration includes sound and visual production courses to help you succeed in all aspects of the audio engineering field.
  • Video/Film: Enjoy hands-on experience with real equipment and professional technology. Our Video/Film concentration also includes training in audio and writing to give you the skills and knowledge for success.
  • Media Communications: Our Media Communications track is for students interested in the non-technical aspects of the Media Arts and Technology degree. With this track, you will learn basic production while taking classes in media, such as journalism and advertising.

What Jobs Can You Get With a Media Arts and Technology Degree?

What Jobs Can You Get With a Media Arts and Technology Degree?

  • Audio engineer: Audio engineers capture, mix and reproduce sounds for music, television, film and other media channels. The field of audio engineering is very broad, as engineers can work in multiple settings or with various artists and clients.
  • Sound technician: A sound technician is responsible for assembling and operating sound equipment. They can use this equipment for various purposes, like recording music or creating sound effects for theater, videos and sporting events.
  • Film director: Film directors control a film’s dramatic and artistic aspects while guiding the crew and actors to fulfill a creative vision. As a director, you will be in charge of all creative aspects of the shoot, such as choosing the cast and creating the production design.
  • Camera operator: Camera operators are responsible for recording images and scenes for television, video and film productions. During a shoot, you will perform various tasks like composing and framing each shot and using light, lenses and camera settings to achieve the director’s goals.
  • Video editor: A video editor takes a raw clip or footage and turns it into a high-quality video through editing software. Video editors are essential to any industry as they help inform, engage and inspire audiences.
  • TV broadcast producer:  TV broadcast producers oversee the production of media outlets such as TV channels or public radio. While the exact duties vary, you may perform tasks like developing show schedules and identifying shoot locations.

What Is the Average Salary for Media Arts and Technology in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, individuals with a job in the media studies field — like media arts and technology — typically earn about $85,000 annually, which is around $10,000 more than the national average. With so many career options, you have the freedom and flexibility to find a job that interests you while using your degree.

Is Media Arts and Technology a Good Degree?

A Media Arts and Technology associate degree is a necessary qualification for many entry-level careers in the industry to set you apart from the competition. It opens the door to a wide scope of interesting and versatile majors that expand the range of career options you can pursue. With a degree in Media Arts and Technology, you can also work in almost any industry, including film, music and radio.

Questions About Media Studies vs. Media Arts and Technology

You may wonder what the difference is between pursuing a Media Arts and Technology degree versus a Media Studies degree. Here are some questions and answers to clarify the main differences between the two degrees.

What Is a Media Studies Degree?

A degree in Media Studies focuses more on how media influences society. In contrast, a degree in Media Arts and Technology emphasizes video production.

What Jobs Can You Get With a Media Studies Degree?

Graduating with a Media Studies degree prepares you to work in the media and creative industry, pursuing careers similar to those of a Media Arts and Technology degree.

Is a Media Studies Degree Worth It?

Yes, Media Studies is a good degree with numerous opportunities and benefits for graduates, though not as many as those provided by a Media Arts and Technology degree. With this degree, you’ll learn the ins and outs of various software and equipment that you can apply to a variety of careers.

Earn Your Media Arts and Technology Associate Degree at MWCC

Earn Your Media Arts and Technology Associate Degree at MWCC

You can pursue a Media Arts and Technology associate degree at Mount Wachusett Community College. This unique program blends hands-on experience with theory to provide comprehensive foundational knowledge for pursuing a career in many different fields.

Save a lot of money and earn your degree with less debt when you choose MWCC as the starting point for your educational journey. We offer a Mass Transfer agreement that allows you to transfer credits to a Massachusetts public college or university. Request more information about our Media Arts and Technology degree or complete an application today.