The Division of Academic Affairs

The Division of Academic Affairs is responsible for providing comprehensive, high-quality educational opportunities that are responsive to community needs and meet the intellectual, personal and professional needs of a diverse student body.

The College provides a full range of degree and certificate programs that respond to the transfer, career, and lifelong learning educational needs of the citizens of Northern Worcester County. Further, many of our courses are offered online which provides a student the opportunity to complete a degree at his/her convenience.

The Division of Academic Affairs office supports a fully accredited Honors Program, International Education and Civic Engagement/Service Learning opportunities. The office works with our highly competent faculty in establishing outcome measurements of each of the curricula offered by the College.

The Division of Academic Affairs also provides faculty with professional development activities that include funds for travel to conferences, subscriptions, and memberships to national professional organizations; national speakers who visit the campus; consultants to assist with curriculum and planning, etc.