For Faculty & Staff

Your Username and Password

Your default username is typically your first name’s initial, followed by your last name, and possibly a random number at the end. For example, John Smith could be:

  • jsmith3

Both your username and password are given to you upon account activation. To activate your account (or retrieve your credentials for an active account) go to iConnect and use the links on the right side of the page:

Unlike your username, your password is case-sensitive.

This username and password is used for logging into computers on-campus as well as using your email. The logins are tied together, so if you change your password for your email, it also changes your password for the network, and vice-versa.

Your Email Account

MWCC uses Office 365 for faculty and staff email. You can use almost any computer on-campus to access your email through Microsoft Outlook or on the web. We also provide email access on the web, which will let you log into your email and use basic functions from any device capable of internet access with a web browser.

Email addresses use the following convention (in this example, for John Smith):


We provide 50GB (approx. 51,200MB) of storage for each faculty and staff member. However, we recommend you do not exceed 49GB. You will experience limitations beyond 49GB.

  • > 49.5GB: You will not be able to send messages.

Another cap we have is the maximum attachment size, which is 10MB. You cannot send email if the total size of all attachments exceeds this limit. We recommend using 7-Zip to compress your attachments into a .ZIP or .RAR file to reduce the size.

Sync Email with your Phone

You can access your email through your phone using the official Microsoft Outlook app on Google Play (Android) and Apple App Store (iPhone).