Student Email

Every registered student receives an MWCC email account. Use of this account is governed by the MWCC Acceptable Usage Policies. This account can be used by any computer via the Internet. MWCC will only use this email account for its electronic communications to students.

Your Email Account

MWCC uses Google’s Gmail service to provide an email account for all registered students, featuring unlimited storage, spam filter, automatic forwarding, and many other useful features. Using the credentials provided to you (see above), you can login to your email by going to iConnect:

  • iConnect
  • Your email address is <your randomly generated username>

Forwarding Email to Another Email Address

If you have another email account that you would prefer to use, you can easily re-direct your MWCC email to that account. To do this, you log in to iConnect and click the GMail button. Once connected, select “Settings” from the links on the page and “Forward a copy of Incoming Mail to.” Carefully enter the email address to which you want email directed and select “Keep Mount Wachusett Community College’s copy in Inbox.” Click the “Update” button on the page to complete this command.

Please be sure to test the re-direction by sending an email to yourself.

Common Errors

  • Entering an incorrect username to log on (remember, usernames are case-sensitive!)
  • Entering an incorrect password (case-sensitive!)
  • Attempting to send an email to the wrong domain. For example, is incorrect; the correct address is
  • Using the wrong domain for faculty. MWCC faculty member emails should use the following setup: first initial, last Professor John Smith’s email would be

If you have questions or issues the MWCC Help Desk is available 7/24. Call 866-520-7129 or email The help desk team is located in Room 078, Gardner campus (downstairs in the Library).