Group of happy graduates at commencement

Meet Austin Seppala

Class of 2010

Austin Seppala

Business Administration

When Austin Seppala enrolled at MWCC after spending a semester at a four-year college in Idaho, he was initially unsure of his decision. Seppala recalls wondering if the community college was too small. Within a week of enrolling he had met Debra Boucher, the advisor who was there to support him through the next two years while he earned his associate degree in Business Administration. “I remember thinking to myself that I couldn’t do it; it was during those moments that I would run to Deb’s office and she would talk it out with me.”

Seppala was able to take advantage of numerous services in MWCC’s Visions program. Services that helped him meet his academic and career goals included peer support, field trips, and transfer counseling. Not only was Seppala thrilled with the college’s support services, but he excelled academically, as well. “The professors at ‘the Mount’ were beyond excellent!” Seppala raves.

After graduating from MWCC in 2010, Seppala was offered admission into three institutions, and decided to transfer to Northeastern University, where he is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a management concentration.

“I think it goes without saying that ‘the Mount’ is a supportive place. There is not a person on staff that I didn’t feel comfortable with,” he concludes. Debra Boucher, Seppala’s advisor, says that his story is a great example of the team approach to student success at MWCC. “Austin worked hard, very hard, to achieve his goals, but, like all students, he faced obstacles and challenges. My job as his Visions advisor was to help motivate him and support him during those inevitable bumps in the road.”

— Karen Costa