Danielle Waseleski

Danielle Waseleski graduated in May with his Associate’s degree in liberal arts. While she was at Mount Wachusett Community College she had work study positions with different departments. She found this to be a convenient way to fit in a job while attending school.

“I’ll go to my classes, then I’ll go to work around lunchtime, go to my classes again, then continue working until whatever time they need,” she said. “It’s just so much easier working at the school so you don’t have to commute to other places.”

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a type of financial aid designed to assist students with the cost of college, including tuition, fees, transportation and books.  Most students who participate in work-study work ten to twelve hours per week. Positions take place on-campus or off-campus at one of MWCC’s non-profit community service partners.

Danielle started as a student ambassador doing tours of campus, filing documents, and helping out with special events. She since moved his way up to being an office assistant for Admissions where she handles outreach to other students.

“If you’re thinking about going to the Mount, I would definitely recommend doing it, for sure. It’s been one of the best experiences of my life getting my associate’s degree at the Mount,” Danielle said.