Group of happy graduates at commencement

Meet Elizabeth Brown

Class of 2017

Elizabeth Brown

MWCC Nursing Student Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown knew that nursing was a great fit for her personality, having always been a caring person. During her time in the Mount Wachusett Community College nursing program, she not only got the education she was seeking, but found a community in the various activities around campus.

“I have a lot of great memories at the Mount. Most of them were when they had little events going on,” Elizabeth said. “They had a barbecue one fall, and it was my first day of lab – so it was the first day in the nursing scrubs – and I remember I was so proud to be in those scrubs because I used to see all the other nursing students wearing them when I was trying to get in and I couldn’t wait to be like them.”

MWCC offers four nursing program options: the Nursing Degree (day and evening), the LPN to ADN Bridge program (for current Licensed Practical Nurses), and the Practical Nursing Certificate. The Associate’s degree nursing program at Mount Wachusett Community College prepares students for licensure as nurses and therefore covers an array of challenging science courses including anatomy, physiology and microbiology. Elizabeth pushed through the rigorous program with hard work after being overjoyed at being accepted.

“To be accepted you have to apply and send in your application, which was very nerve-wracking. I remember sending mine in the mail and wondering if I would get accepted,” Elizabeth said. “I still have the letter that said I was accepted into the nursing program, envelope and everything. I’ll probably save it forever. It was very exciting.”