Group of happy graduates at commencement

Meet Jennifer Guerriero

Class of 2017

Jennifer Guerriero

Liberal Arts and Sciences
MWCC Liberal Arts Biology Student Jennifer Guerriero at Graduation

Jennifer Guerriero initially went to college immediately after high school. Not knowing what she wanted to major in, Jennifer was encouraged to pursue an accounting major as she was good at math. The degree turned out to be a bad fit and after a year and a half she stopped going and went to hairdressing school. She was a hairdresser for a long time and eventually worked her way up to having her own business, but she wanted something else. She wanted to go back to school.

“When my youngest (child) finally went to school full-time, I felt like I needed to do something for myself. I always wanted to finish up my degree,” Jennifer said.

Despite her kids still being young, as a returning student Jennifer found the flexibility offered at the Mount allowed her to succeed.  Classes at the Mount run at various times, allowing people to figure out the schedule that works best for them. And if there was a class I couldn’t get into the classroom for, Jennifer was able to take it online.

“There’s quite an array of online classes and I took quite a few,” Jennifer said. “I was always able to fit every class I needed into my schedule, even with working.”