Group of happy graduates at commencement

Meet Jessica Decker

Class of 2019

Jessica Decker


“Hard to believe that years ago I walked through the doors of this school wanting to be a nurse, yet I was vulnerable and unsure of myself. I had observed the care and compassion provided to my father by his interdisciplinary team during his courageous battle with cancer, which he lost September of 2006. It then became my dream to someday bestow upon you and your families, our community, that same respect and commitment as a medical professional. I was what we call a ‘non-traditional student’ as well as a ‘first-generation college student’. The grey hairs beneath my cap would red flag the fact that I am not attending college directly out of high school. I had no medical background; I was a rink manager. I was a single mother of two very busy boys. I was going to have to work many long hours in addition to attending classes full-time to support my household. There were past challenges with my health that had me questioning my ability to faithfully adhere to the demanding requirements of a degree program. Was I crazy? No. I came to realize this self-doubt was nothing more than excuses – excuses I was ready to turn into successes. I had this ambition burning inside of me and all I had to do is take that first step. Terrified as I was, I simply put one foot in front of the other, and Mount Wachusett Community College became my new beginning.”

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