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Meet Taryn Holly

Class of 2010

Taryn Holly

Physical Therapy Assistant
MWCC Physical Therapist Assistant Student Taryn Holly

This past year, Holly completed a service learning project at WHEAT Community Services, a Clinton-based nonprofit organization that promotes the well being of low-income children, adults and families in the communities of Berlin, Bolton, Clinton, Lancaster and Sterling. Through a federal grant administered by MWCC, the nonprofit organization was awarded $18,000 in federal funds to enhance its organizational development.

As part of that grant, Holly administered a community impact survey that entailed meeting with top officials from the towns served by WHEAT to evaluate and analyze how each town used the organization’s services.

“Not only did the survey help WHEAT realize how its services impact the community, but it also showed the number of people who are in need of the services the organization provides, but don’t know about it,” Holly explains.

In addition, she was among five MWCC students who participated in a service learning project at Burbank Rehabilitation Center in Fitchburg, which helped her decide her career path.

Along with service learning, the Winchendon native is also a member of MWCC’s Student Government Association, and earned an associate degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences in December.

Holly said the community projects not only provided invaluable experiences, but were personally rewarding as well. “If you have the opportunity to participate in service learning, don’t hesitate.”

— Kim Anderson