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MWCC has partnered with QCC to offer you access to programs that MWCC does not currently offer. This partnership guarantees the transfer of credits of the outlined courses belowOnce you have fulfilled the general courses at MWCC, you may then apply to transfer to QCC to finish your degree.* 



  • There are 3 seats available each year for both programs
  • Allows for a smooth transition to QCC 
  • Prevents you from taking or repeating unnecessary coursework 
  • Provides you the flexibility to take classes nearby before transferring  


  • You must meet the academic Admission requirement for QCC 
  • Must have all entrance requirements completed by May 15 
  • You must take 15 credits at MWCC prior to submitting your QCC application 
    • RDT Required Courses at MWCC: ENG 101, MAT 126 or MAT 143, BIO 113 or 109 as a preq for BIO 203, PSY 105, SPC 113
    • RS Required Courses at MWCC: ENG 101, BIO 113 or 109 as a pre-req for BIO 203, PSY 105, ENG 102

Program Details: 

  • There are 3 seats available each year for both programs
  • Courses taken at QCC are subject to QCC’s tuition and fees  
  • You will be held to all QCC policies in effect at the time you are admitted. These may include policies governing financial aid, academic status, graduation standards and in-state/out-of-state student status. 

Additional Resources: 

Note: Students interested in applying to QCC programs via MWCC should begin required vaccinations at least two months in advance of submitting their QCC application to MWCC. For more information contact re: QCC Partnership.  Click here for the QCC Clinical Student Health Form and here for the Radiology Tech Clinical Requirements. 

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