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Key Registration Terms and Definitions

Spring 2015


May 20, 2015: Graduation

May 2015


Summer 2015




Please consult individual syllabi to confirm class meeting and exam schedule. Exceptions to this calendar may exist for cycle and evening courses. The records office makes every attempt to post grades online three days following the close of final exams. Students cannot withdraw after the date specified on the calendar. The calendar is subject to change.

* Discretionary day for orientation day, professional day or intersession to be rescheduled if one of these events is canceled due to snow.

Key Registration Terms and Definitions

Adding a Course: Many courses can be added anytime on or before the date listed on the Academic Calendar as “Last Day to Add Classes or Drop Classes with 100% refund.” Please note: Students cannot add a lab science courses after the first lab class has met.
Dropping a Course: This term applies to the complete removal of a course from a student’s permanent record. This can be done through student’s WebConnect account or by contacting the Advising Center on or before the “Last Day to Add or Drop Class(es).”
If a student notifies the Advising Center after this date, the course will be considered a withdrawal, and will remain on the student’s permanent record with a grade of “W”. The date students request the withdrawal will determine whether there is any payment refund.
Course Withdrawal: Students CANNOT withdraw on WebConnect. In order to be considered as withdrawn from a course, a student must be withdrawn through the Advising Center on or before the date listed on the Academic Calendar as “Last Day to Withdraw.” If these requirements are met, the student will receive an automatic grade of W. There is a 50% refund period for withdrawals listed on the academic calendar. All instructor withdrawals as well as withdrawals after the 50% period have no payment refund – students will pay the full price of the course.

Please note that dropping and/or withdrawing from courses may affect your financial aid award/eligibility.

Key Offices to contact for assistance with adding, dropping or withdrawing from courses:

Advising Center 978-630-9109 or
Leominster Campus 978-630-9810 or
Devens Campus 978-630-9569 or