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Student Testing Accommodation Policy
Academic Year 2016/2017

Requesting Testing Accommodations

The following steps to request accommodations are required for each class, per semester:

  1. Student provides documentation of disability to the Coordinator of Disability Services, Amy LaBarge. If approved for accommodations, the student will receive a signed Test Accommodation Authorization form with carbon sheets.
  2. Student signs the form, and informs the instructor of their accommodations. The Instructor signs and keeps a copy of the form.
  3. Students testing at the Gardner campus deliver a copy of the form with all three signatures to Testing Services prior to scheduling any testing appointments, and keep the remaining third copy. This step is not needed if testing at the Devens or Leominster campuses.
  4. Students taking on-line classes may request help from Disability Services with notifying their instructor.

Scheduling a Test

All accommodated tests are by appointment, scheduled with Testing Services.

Students testing with accommodations must inform their Instructor directly, prior to test day, so the Instructor knows to give the test to Testing Services.

Appointments must be scheduled by phone or in-person with sufficient time before testing. Availability is limited.

  • Tests that require conversion to an alternate format, such as audio or adaptive materials/technology (large print, voice software), require at least two business days notice prior to the test appointment.
  • A request for adaptive materials/technology (large print, voice software) must be made with Testing Services before the test is scheduled.

There are three locations for testing, determined by accommodation:

  1. A location that meets the conditions of the accommodations, proctored by the instructor.
  2. Testing Services, Room 128c (for just extended time)
  • Mon-Fri 8am- 4pm, Tue. 8am- 8 pm
  1. Lower level of the Library (for low distraction and/or extended time)
  • Mon. 7:30-11:30am, Tue. 2-7pm, Wed. 8am-12pm, Thurs. 9-2pm

TEAS Accommodations:
Contact Student Services and Testing Services before registering.  Accommodations for TEAS are only given during morning sessions.

Testing With Accommodations

  • Photo ID must be presented at the time of the test.
  • Students will only be seated at the time of their appointment.
  • Only materials listed on the Accommodation Authorization form or designated by an Instructor will be allowed during the test.
  • Notify Testing Services if late or unable to keep the appointment.

Note: Students taking classes at the Devens and Leominster campuses should make arrangements directly with their instructor to test with accommodations.

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Updated 11.7.16