In what circumstances may Testing Services be requested?

If a student is absent the day of the test and the instructor is not able to administer a make-up test the instructor may request proctoring by Testing Services. Requests are not for snow days, faculty absence, or class cancellations. We also help instructors meet the requirements for accommodated students if they are unable to provide them in the classroom.

How do faculty arrange to have an exam proctored in Testing Services?

Submit a Testing Services Request Form and the test to Testing Services online through Dynamic Forms. A professor can go to their ICONNECT account and click on Forms and Documents in the blue bar across the top of the page. Under the Instructor and Advisor Forms column is a link for Testing Services Request. By clicking on that link, you open the form. Be sure to complete all fields on the request form.

May a student test at any time?

Exams are given by appointment, as availability in the testing room allows, in Gardner, Room 128C and Devens, Room 125. Testing Services in Gardner is open Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. Devens is open Monday-Thursday from 8-4.

Instructors must send a Testing Services Request Form per student, per test. Testing Services must have the completed form, or the student will not be able to schedule.

What do I need to know about the Test Services Request Form?

For test security reasons, we follow the test request form exactly. Testing will not allow a student to use any materials if not clearly stated on the form. Be specific about scrap paper, calculators, word banks, etc. We need contact info where you can be reached when a student is testing if there are questions.
By giving students a range of dates to take the exam, you facilitate our ability to work around a student’s work and class schedule as well as the exams already scheduled in the lab.
Tests may be attached to the form or emailed 5 business hours before the exam to Testing.

How will I get the completed exam back?

We scan and email paper tests back, to the instructor’s email address included on the Test Request form. Hard copies of the completed tests are kept in a secure location for the semester in the event a teacher will need to access the original.

What if the student is testing with an accommodation?

A student who has an Accommodation Letter form signed by the Coordinator of Disabilities Services may test with Test Center for faculty who are unable to administer the test themselves. Instructors still send a Test Request Form if testing in the Center.