Immunization Form & Information

Mandatory Immunization Requirements for College Students

105 CMR 220.600: M.G.L. c.76, sec. 15C Chapter 76 Section
15B of the General Laws of Massachusetts.

To be registered at an institution of higher learning, every:

  1. full-time undergraduate student and
  2. every full-time or part-time undergraduate student in a health science program (see below) who is in contact with patients, and
  3. every student on a student visa, including all International students attending or visiting classes as part of a formal academic visitation exchange program, must present a physicians certificate that such student has received the necessary immunizations. A school immunization record may be presented in lieu of the certificate.

Required Immunizations:

  1. Two (2) doses of live Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine given at least one month apart beginning at or after 12 months of age or a titre to prove immunity (exempt for students born in U.S. before 1957 except for Health Science students).
  2. One (1) dose Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis (Tdap) required of all incoming students, otherwise a booster dose of Td within the last ten years.
  3. Three (3) doses of Hepatitis B or a titre to prove immunity. A Hepatitis B titre is required for all Health Science students
  4. Two doses of Varicella vaccine given at least 4 weeks apart or a titre to prove immunity required for all Health Science Students. All non-Health Science students may provide a reliable history verified by a physician (Exempt if born in U.S. before 1980).
  5. Meningococcal required for all full-time enrolled student’s ages 16-21.
  6. Annual Influenza vaccine required for all Health Science students.
  7. Annual Tuberculosis Testing Required for All Full and Part-Time Health Science Students and students on a Student Visa or Other Visa

The requirements shall not apply where:

  • The student provides written documentation that he or she meets the standards for medical or religious exemption set forth in M.G.L. c. 76, §§15C.
    • Exemptions will be granted to those students who present a certificate from a physician who believes that the health of the student would be endangered by such an immunization and to students who state in writing that such an immunization would conflict with their religious belief. If there is any doubt of immunization, the person is to be considered non-immunized. Information concerning immunization may be obtained from the health and wellness center.


All Full-Time Students

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International Students

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