Eden Shaveet

Eden Shaveet graduated in May of 2017 with her high school and Associate’s degree through the Gateway to College program. She maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA throughout her entire college career and became an integral part of campus life as a Student Leader in Civic Engagement.

“The Mount is inherently designed to include people. It’s a school that’s intended to help you fit in,” Shaveet, the 2017 MWCC Gateway to College Valedictorian, said.

But things weren’t always so positive for Eden, who attended nine different schools throughout her lifetime and struggled in the traditional high school setting where she was harassed by her peers. At the age of 14 she left school and never thought she was going to get her high school diploma. But Eden not only reclaimed her education through the Gateway to College program, but flourished academically and socially.
“I’m eternally grateful to Gateway to College, and to Mount Wachusett for being a platform to offer this program to students like me who had nowhere else to turn. Thank you for opening your doors to me two years ago when any other school would have slammed them in my face,” said Shaveet during her graduation speech.

Eden plans to continue advocating for educational options in the school system She is currently attending Elms College to pursue her baccalaureate degree.