Art (Liberal Arts & Sciences Concentration)

Appreciate and Create Art

Do you feel drawn to art? Are you looking for a major that will grow your creative talents while preparing you to transfer to a bachelor’s program in an area such as art history, museum studies, or education? The Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in Art might be right for you.

Become a Well-Rounded Artist

The Art concentration builds on your natural abilities to observe, create, critique, and discuss works of art. You will reinforce these skills when you take classes outside of the studio like speech and writing. As you learn the techniques of drawing, painting, and sculpture, you will also be enriched by exposure to quantitative courses like statistics and lab science.

Transfer to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Since this is a Liberal Arts Transfer Track degree, you will build a foundation of math, writing, and science classes in addition to studio art. This MassTransfer Block allows you to transfer your associate degree and be accepted at any Massachusetts public college or university, as long as your grades meet their requirements. Art concentration students typically transfer to bachelor’s programs in art therapy, art history, museum studies, art conservation, art administration, nonprofit management, and education.

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“I grew exponentially as an artist and as a person because of this program. The community of people and discussion time is priceless, validating, and encouraging. Can't say enough about my time here. Thank you MWCC!”

Laura Connolly, 2013, Art

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