Engineering & Physics Degree

Engineering and Physics Degree

Develop a foundation in analytical skills to support a successful career in engineering and physics with an associate degree from Mount Wachusett Community College. Enjoy small class sizes for a personalized education that you won’t find in large lecture halls. We provide high-quality instruction at an affordable price to make a college education attainable for you.

At Mount Wachusett, we pride ourselves on being the least expensive college in the region where learners can complete the prerequisite math and science classes that effectively prepare them to transfer to a four-year college or university. We make education accessible, so more people can achieve their dreams of becoming engineers, technicians, consultants or physicists.

What is Engineering?

Engineers change the world by exploring and solving society’s technological problems through innovation and creative thinking. From designing the next robotic vacuum to developing technologies that enable humans to survive on Mars, engineers are the link between scientific discovery and the practical application of those discoveries to the needs of society. Engineers can find employment in almost any industry, making it a versatile career path — areas of engineering range from computer to mechanical to nuclear and much more.

The MWCC degree in engineering and physics covers all the same topics as a traditional engineering degree, with an additional focus on physics. You will study energy, force and the movement of matter through space and time.

Earning a Degree in Engineering & Physics at MWCC

As a physics and engineering major, you learn engineering skills and terminology from higher math and science courses, including physics for engineering and science, chemistry, calculus and computer-assisted design. Valuable hands-on experience during lab time in many of your classes provides you with the training and knowledge you need as you further your education. MWCC features expert, university-caliber faculty who know your name, want you to succeed and support you through challenging course material in small classes.

By becoming an engineering and physics major at MWCC, you are also taking the first step toward a successful career in a prominent field. With your engineering associate degree from the Mount, you can transfer to a four-year school where you can specialize in a major engineering discipline, such as aerospace, civil, electrical, environmental, laser or mechanical engineering.

What Can I Do With a Degree in Engineering & Physics?

With an average of 9% job growth over the next 10 years in many of the varying fields of engineering and physics, you can follow many paths and find a successful, high-paying career. Engineers ranging from mechanical to aerospace can make an average of $80,000 to $100,000 annually! The Mount is the best engineering school to take your first step toward a rewarding career.


STEM careers are in high demand right now. The future includes many technology-based jobs, and when you receive an associate degree in engineering and physics, you set yourself up for a successful career. With engineering and physics classes, you learn skills you can apply immediately in your field. Jobs available to you may include various positions:

  • Lab technician
  • Information technology consultant
  • Data analyst
  • Accelerator operator

You can also pursue a career in engineering, where demand remains high. Some who have taken physics-related engineering courses get certified to become high school teachers. People who enter STEM careers should have natural curiosity driving them to find answers. Those who are patient, focused, competitive and organized will also excel in a science-focused career.

The Benefits of Attending Community College as an Engineering & Physics Major

At MWCC, our goal is to make education a realistic option, whether you have just graduated from high school, decided to switch careers or chosen to earn a degree later in life. You will benefit from receiving a more affordable education that leaves you with minimal debt when you graduate. On the other hand, students who attend four-year colleges may spend decades paying off their student loans, which can impact their job choice and career path.

After graduation, you can further your education by transferring to the program of your choice to earn a bachelor of science in engineering physics. We’ve designed our online physics degree programs based on STEM core requirements and MassTransfer benefits, so transferring all your hard-earned credits to another institution to complete a bachelor’s degree is easy.

The most significant benefit of attending MWCC is the quality of the courses available. We have many adjunct faculty members who also teach at four-year colleges. Our professors care deeply about our students. We commit to providing small classes, making professors more accessible and allowing individual attention that improves learning outcomes.

Community colleges like MWCC have a diverse group of students of different ages and backgrounds, and our flexibility allows people with jobs and families to fit higher education into their schedules. We even offer an engineering physics online degree program, so you can learn from any location that is convenient for you.

Why Choose MWCC to Earn Your Engineering Associate Degree in Gardner, MA?

In addition to providing small classes and an outstanding associate degree program in physics and engineering, MWCC offers many advantages to students. We support you as you obtain the education you desire, and we want to help you make your education a priority while also balancing your other responsibilities. That’s why MWCC supplies numerous programs aimed at students who need assistance.

Our Career Services Center has tools and resources you can access as you search for a job, and we provide personalized academic planning to every student. Other unique benefits include:

  • An award-winning Veteran Services department to help those in the military move from being soldiers to students.
  • Child care services for parents who need assistance with their children during classes.
  • A campus pantry where students can get up to 20 items a month, such as canned goods or hygiene supplies.


Start Your Degree at MWCC!

Mount Wachusett Community College provides students with the opportunity to earn an engineering and physics associate degreethrough a robust curriculum and project-based learning. Taking the next step toward completing a bachelor’s degree and starting your career has never been easier than with MWCC.

If you’re interested in learning more about our online or in-person engineering and physics degrees, request more information today!

You can also apply to MWCC directly. There is no application fee or essay required. It takes just a few minutes to submit your application, and you’ll hear back quickly. Apply today to start your new degree!


Engineering & Physics Department Chair

Dr. Peter Olszak
Dr. Peter Olszak

Peter Olszak

Department Chair, Professor of Math and Physics