Criminal Justice

Make an Impact

Many public safety professionals, including police officers and federal criminal justice employees have gotten their start at MWCC. The MWCC Criminal Justice program gives you the option of selecting a law enforcement concentration, certificate or transfer track. Whichever route you take, know that you will be setting yourself up for success and growth within the criminal justice field.

Real World Experience

At MWCC, not only do the faculty who teach our criminal justice programs have real world experience, but so will you after you complete your degree. The Criminal Justice Degree programs include internship opportunities where students partner with local law enforcement organizations to extend their learning outside of the classroom. The department also often welcomes guest lectures. Past speakers include a former Scotland Yard terrorism expert and a convicted bank robber.


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Enter the Field Quickly with a Certificate

In just one year, the Law Enforcement Certificate gives you specialized criminal justice classes and the general education needed to compete for entry into Massachusetts law enforcement. The program was developed in cooperation with the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association. All of the credits earned in the certificate program can be applied to an Associate’s Degree in criminal justice.

Get Ahead with a Career Degree

The Law Enforcement Concentration of the Criminal Justice Associate’s Degree emphasizes areas such as community policing, investigation, and administration of justice. This career program is designed for those that want to immediately enter the field. In two years you will have your Associate’s Degree. Many police departments prefer to hire those with an Associate’s Degree and some now are now requiring it.

Transfer Your Knowledge to a 4-Year School

The Criminal Justice Degree transfer track prepares students studying for their Associate’s Degree to continue their studies at a four-year college or university. With this option, you can move into the kind of extended schooling required for forensics or cyber-security work. The major benefit of this track is the alignment with Mass Transfer that allows you to seamlessly transition to any of the state’s four-year schools. There’s no wondering if your credits will transfer to those schools when you start your criminal justice degree at MWCC. And by starting at a community college, you are saving money and can explore your degree before leaping into the more specialized degrees at four-year schools.


“Going to the Mount was a tradition in my family. The year I graduated, my father graduated with his degree in nursing. MWCC made so much possible for me.”

Denise Gosselin, Criminal Justice

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