Earth and Environmental Science

Earth and Environmental Science Associate Degree

Mount Wachusett Community College’s Earth and Environmental Science associate degree provides you with the fundamental knowledge of how to protect, care for, and understand the Earth and all of its living organisms. It is the ideal associate degree program for those who have a passion for natural science and exploring the diverse world in which we live, providing you with the skills and knowledge to become a leader in environmental research and conservation.

Why study Earth and Environmental Science at MWCC?

The Earth and Environmental Science degree program covers crucial knowledge for the current and future care, safety, and conservation of the natural world. It allows students to take a step back to understand the greater scope and impact of the field.

Coursework includes topics such as physical geology, philosophy of nature, ecology, weather and climate, and geospatial technology—all of which are important factors in the larger Earth and Environmental Science field. This enriching, diverse curriculum also dives deeper into concepts that are crucial to understanding the nature of the world and the organisms that live in it, such as:

  • Biodiversity
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Relationships between Human and Nature
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Conservation

Through the interdisciplinary foundation, you will learn about important environmental ideas and historical events that have shaped the natural world. The hands-on curriculum and laboratory experience provide you with the opportunity to expand your critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills, allowing you to carve out your role in helping the environment prosper in the future.

Career Outlook with an Environmental and Earth Science Degree

The Earth is facing significant challenges, from pollution to overpopulation, resulting in an ever-increasing demand for environmental scientists, specialists, and engineers. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the environmental scientists and specialist professions are projected to grow 8% through 2028, averaging an annual salary of $71,360 with a bachelor’s degree. 

Graduates of the MWCC Earth and Environmental Science degree program can pursue their future career by continuing on to a bachelor’s degree in the following professional specializations:

  • Geology
  • Soil Science
  • Atmospheric Science
  • Earth Science Teaching
  • Geoscience
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Seismology
  • Meteorology

Ready for Transfer to a Four-Year Institution

MWCC’s Earth and Environmental Science associate degree is designed for students to easily transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor’s degree in earth systems, geology, meteorology, or environmental science. MWCC’s degree provides an affordable way to jumpstart your college career, allowing you to complete many of the core curriculum requirements of a four-year college or university for a seamless transfer upon graduation.

The MWCC associate degree in Earth and Environmental Science is based on STEM core requirements and MassTransfer benefits, which provide the foundation for you to enter as a junior into a Massachusetts public college or university or University of Massachusetts institution. Learn more about transfer advising services at MWCC.

Become a Leader in Earth and Environmental Science at MWCC

Mount Wachusett Community College’s Associate of Science in Earth and Environmental Science degree will help you build the interdisciplinary knowledge and leadership skills needed to continue on to a bachelor’s degree program that matches your passion for environmental research and conservation.

If you’re ready to get started, request more information about Earth and Environmental Science at MWCC!